Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th November 2019 Written Update: Gunjan gets shattered seeing Yogi’s ignorance

Episode starts with Families members worried seeing Gunjan chunri got fire. They controls it but Shiv gets shocked seeing the wound on Gunjan hand. At hospital nurse informs to Pari about emergency case. Pari denies to attend case. but stops after listening patient is specially abled one. Pari gets irritated seeing Roshan. And asks him who is patient. Pari gets Shocked seeing Gunjan. Gauthsm says Gunjan hand got hurt because of diyas.

Moin asks Srivastav family to join him but they waits for Pari. Prakash asks Yogi to bring Pari from hospital. Bablu wants to call Pari and Vivek I forms Moin. Moin warns Bablu to stay away from Pari. Surjit says Pari is not answering the call. Yogi says he will go for Pari.

Gunjan cries in pain while cleaning the wound. Roshan asks Pari to clean slowly. Pari taunts him saying medicines are always bitter. Gunjan tries to say something but Pari stops her. Gunjan reminsces her previous encounter with Pari. Pari taunts Gunjan and Roshan says he saw Pari somewhere. Pari says She came to their engagement with Yogi.

Yogi enter hospital room and asks Pari to check time because it’s getting late. Than Yogi gets shocked to see Gunjan and others. Gunjan imagines like Yogi concern seeing her wound and how they express feelings to eachother Infront everyone. But Yogi won’t react anything even after seeing Gunjan and he asks why she she didn’t reach home on time. Pari says she can’t leave the patient in the middle and asks him to wait outside until she finishes bandage.

Gunjan gets broken seeing Yogi behaviour and reminsces their happy moments. Pari prescribe some medicines to her. Yogi asks her to come. Gunjan says thanks to Pari.

Yogi enquires Pari about Gunjan wound. Pari says nothing will happen to her because it’s small injury. Yogi takes Pari saying it’s getting late. Gunjan gets sad seeing them.

Bablu burst crackers saying these r for Pari entry. Pari enters home and family members asks her why she got so late. Pari says because of some case. Prakash challanges Moin to come for competition. Yogi thinks about Gunjan. Vivek asks him join them. Gunjan gets sad thinking Pari words. Shiv thanks Roshan for being voice of Gunjan. Seema remembers chandlier accident moment of Yogi and Gunjan.

Shiv asks them to have dinner with them. Roshan denies and Shiv asks him why he is looking worried. Roshan says just worried for Gunjan. Shiv says to Seema his choice proved to be perfect. Seema asks him to leave the topic. Gauthsm informs to Seema, they met Yogi in the hospital and he is waiting for Pari. Shiv says he moved on with another girl. Gauthsm days Yogi behaviour towards Gunjan is odd and he ignored her completely. Seema says it’s good both to move on.

Precap – Pari burst crackers and lost her conciouness. Family members gets worried. Seema says it’s tough to move on but asks Gunjan to try, saying it happened to her also.