Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 7th January 2020 Written Update: Pari reminsces her moments with Yogi

Episode starts with Yogi says this saree belongs to you. Pari says now everything is chsnged. Yogi says Gunjan don’t want to see you in sad mood. Pari says I know but it’s paining, Gunjan loves you so much and even you changed and removed Messi posters too. Pari cries and sees Yogi using her gifted mug reminsces how She gifted this cup in the past and their moments and asks if Gunjan does not have any problem. Yogi signals no and hugs her wiping her tears. Gunjan walks towards room and hearing the door opening sound Pari breaks hug leaving the cup. It’s got broken and Pari tries to clean it but Gunjan remove the pieces and Yogi helps her.

Pari notices her name in the table and reminsces how they scribedon table using Knife. Yogi notices Pari and smiles. Vivek and others meet Pari and asks her to come outside to meet everyone. Gunjan asks is everything is fine. Pari asks what’s running in your mind. Gunjan shows Pari and Yogi names on table and says I know it. Pari gets surprised and asks than why didn’t you erased it. Gunjan says thank you because of your and Yogi friendship helped me.

Dadi gets angry when Dadaji says he will take 2more hours to reach the home. Everyone tries to console her. Dadaji says he always say Pari but now he is nowhere. Seema tags silent.

Bablu and Surjit brings beer to terrace. Rani asks them to meet guest. Bablu feels happy seeing her. Surjit says we are angry with you because you didn’t contacted us. Pari says I lost phone. Surjit says than you forgot Yogi number also. Nisha asks them to end the matter. Bablu asks where are you living. Pari says Chennai. Bablu says now Pari is back so we have to enjoy beer. Rani reminds him about Moin. Pari asks where is Khushi. Rani says her health is not good.

Kusum calls everyone for dinner. Praksh scolds youngsters for spending all time in terrace. Pari asks why Dadaji didn’t reach home. Dadi asks her to leave and asks Khushi what happened to your eyes. Pari says can I check. Khushi says not needed. Kusum asks Rani and Gunjan to help her to arrange dining table. Pari says today I will help you and it’s rest time for Gunjan. Kusum agrees saying you’re same. Seema says you’re our guest and Gunjan will help Kusum. Pari says I will do it and than we can talk. Bablu says we can play antyakshari. Surjit says it’s Gunjan Vs Pari. Seema asks why it’s Gunjan Vs Pari. Shiv asks her to relax it’s game. Yogi says it’s Yogi Vs Pari.

Rani checks dishes and says today everyone will get mad after eating these delicious dishes. Pari takes plates. Kusum asks Pari you’re fine na. Pari says I’m happy. Kusum says I know how you’re hiding the pain behind your smile.

Precap – Khushi insults Pari for breaking her brother heart to become Mahaan and questions why didn’t you think about him and who gave you right to play with his emotions. Everyone hears Khushi words. Pari cries badly.