Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 8th January 2020 Written Update: Gunjan makes Khushi to understand her mistake

Episode starts with Kusum says their is noone to take care of you in Chennai and its because of our fault, please forgive us. Pari says I went for my carrier. Kusum says I felt happy seeing you again. Pari says it’s my house too so I will come, Gunjan is making you all happy right.

Kusum says Gunjan is doing everything but still I feel your presence. Pari says im happy you people kept me in your heart. Kusum says you will be in everyone’s heart. Pari gets emotional. Kusum goes from kitchen.

Khushi confronts Pari for breaking her brother heart to become Mahaan and questions why didn’t you think about him and who gave you right to play with his emotions. Kusum tries to stop her. Everyone hears Khushi words. Everyone comes to kitchen and Seema asks what’s problem.

Kusum says these are fighting normally to take plates to table. Rani asks Pari to place the plates in table. Everyone leaves. Seema asks their is no Problem right. Kusum says no. Dadi consoles Kusum saying everything brill be fine.

Vivek questions Khushi what’s the need to create drama Infront of Pari and Gunjan parents. Rani says we have to forget it because everyone moved on their life. Khushi says why she comes back to poke Yogi past wound. Vivek says she came back because of Papa.

Khushi says she left and come back for Papa but didn’t thought about Yogi, I saw Bhai happiness with her, she stops seeing Gunjan. Gunjan says it’s all my mistake and I don’t know about Pari and Yogi love. Khushi says I know bhabhi. Vivek asks why you invited Pari. Gunjan says she is alone and needs us that’s why invited her, it’s my mistake. Khushi hugs her and says you’re so good and I’m sorry bhabhi and Pari desrves our love.

Bablu feels bad for Pari. Surjit tries to make his mood better. Pari says I have to leave because I have some work. Kusum says you can’t without having food. Seema says sorry to say this but I can see Pari is near to your family more than Gunjan Nd I’m not blaming anyone but Shiv and Praksh ruined 3lives. Shiv agrees it’s their mistake and asks Pari to forgive him. Dadi says it’s time for celebration of yogi and Gunjan kid.

Everyone haves pizza prepared by Gunjan and Khushi talks with Pari and they both gets United. Vivek praises pizza. Kusum serves Pari Favourite sosomach. Pari feels happy others get tensed. Pari says eating this dish I remembered the day you prepared this dish, yogi and Pari reminds their moments and Yogi leaves to terrace. Bablu says it’s good if Pari is in Yogi life. Surjit asks him to accept the reality. They sees Yogi and asks what happened. Yogi says everything is changed and some changes will pain us. Surjit says change is needed and Gunjan is becoming maa of your kid.

Precap – Pari sings some emotional song. Everyone listens to her song. Gunjan cries and leaves from that place.