Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 9th January 2020 Written Update: Yogi makes Gunjan happy

Episode starts with Rani calls Bablu and Surjit for dinner. They says ok. Rani says why you came upstairs Yogi, don’t make Gunjan and her parents awkward with your behaviour and says come downstairs to play antyakshari.
Youngsters forms 2teams Pari Vs Yogi. Yogi says don’t want to play. Pari says are you scared to loose. Yogi says I don’t want to win or loose with you. Gunjan feels uncomfortable. Bablu suggests acting like someone and other team have to guess the name. Gunjan says it will be good.

Bablu teases Dadi and she joins Shiv and Prakash. Praksh says I will kill them if someone enacts like me. Seema says what if Gunjan acts like you. Praksh says is it happens. Kusum says we will get to know. Seema asks won’t you like sosumach. Praksh says no and I even asked Kusum to never get Bengali bahu. Seema says you’re safe now. Praksh says no because Kusum is preparing that dish every week. Shiv and Seema feels happy for Gunjan. Praksh says Dadaji on the way.

Khushi and Surjit acts play Gautham says Didi and jiju. Bablu says no it’s Pari and Yogi. Everyone stays silent. Vivek says it’s wrong and suggest antyakshari. Bablu says let’s sing our favourite songs.

Shiv and Seema wants to leave but Praksh says they can’t leave without singing song. Shiv and Praksh joins others and enjoys while youngsters are dancing. Yogi takes Gunjan and dances with her. Nisha stops him saying it’s not good. Yogi says she is my wife. Seema says at this time it’s not good for Gunjan health. Pari says yeah Yogi aunty is correct and we all know you’re good dancer. Surjit suggests Yogi to dance with Pari instead of Gunjan. Everyone feels uncomfortable.

Rani says let’s play antyakshari. Praksh and Shiv agrees. Vivek asks Shiv to start it but Shiv says his voice is not good. Khushi says Pari voice will be perfect. Dadi agrees with her. Gunjan feels sad. Paris says my voice is not good. Yogi encourage her to sing.

Pari sings jaane kya baat hai reminscing her moments with Yogi. Gunjan gets emotional hearing the song and runs to her room. Everyone gets worried seeing her. Seema and Kusum follows her. Shiv says this is Gunjan Favourite song in childhood and she is used to sing this song everyday maybe she felt sad after hearing this song. Prakash supports Shiv. Seema and Kusum brings Gunjan back. Pari says I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you and it’s also my favourite song. Gunjan says don’t say sorry, I can’t sing this song in my life and it’s not written in my fate. Yogi says why to think about things we don’t have. Dadi says yes we have to stay happy with what we have. Yogi takes Gunjan with him and says we will sing. Everyone encourage them. They signs jab koyi baat song and others hums the song seeing their signs. Yogi dances with Gunjan and Pari looks on and everyone claps for them.

Precap – Khushi calls Rani,Nisha,Khushi to upstairs. Kusum asks Gunjan to go slowly. Nisha misses her balance and fell down from staircase. Everyone gets Panicked seeing Unconscious Nisha and asks Pari to check.