Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein: Gunjan brings back Pari to their life

Sony TV cute love story Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein serial is seeing some major points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Yogi leaves Gunjan’s hand and walks towards Pari. Gunjan says its my plan with dad and Prakash uncle . Dadi and Kusum asks how they felt seeing Pari. Vivek says its really surprise and Youngsters gets worried seeing her comeback. Gunjan takes Pari to their room. Pari says room has changed a lot, there were Messi’s posters, did Yogi let you remove those posters. Gunjan says yes. Pari says Yogi loves you a lot.

Seema questions Shiv why they brings back Pari. Praksh and Shiv assures she won’t cause any problem.

In the upcoming episodes viewers gonna witness that Gunjan gifts sari to Pari saying Yogi had bought it for her. Pari tries to deny but Gunjan makes her wear it. Yogi walks in next and signals she looks pretty and asks her to accept it. Pari warns not to order her as she is not his wife. Gunjan feels sad. Kusum calls Gunjan and she walks away. Yogi drapes pallu on Pari’s head and signals she is looking beautiful. Pari cries removing the saree.

 Pari seeing Yogi using her gifted mug asks if Gunjan does not have any problem. Yogi signals no and hugs her wiping her tears. Gunjan walks towards room and sees them together.

 Khushi insults Pari for breaking her brother heart to become Mahaan and questions why didn’t you think about him and who gave you right to play with his emotions. Everyone hears Khushi words. Pari cries badly.

Can Seema worry becomes true? Why Gunjan brings Pari again in Yogi and her life?

 All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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