Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 12th November 2019: Pari praises Yogi good qualities Infront of everyone

The episode starts with the Srivastava family prepares Yogi biodata for Marriage proposals. Kabir asks Vivek to write perfect content for biodata. Rani serves pakoda and chai to everyone. Paris enters and the family asks her how will she feel about Yogi. Pari says he is Kamina, the family gets shocked then Pari manages to say she meant Kami na hai. Pari stays silent knowing they are searching girl for Yogi. Kabir asks why she silent. Prakash asks her to write a good bio so a girl must wait online for Yogi Rishta. Pari thinks to take revenge on him for spoiling her day

Seema and Gautham praise Gunjan beauty. Seema asks Gunjan to text Roshan to know about his location. Gunjan calls Roshan and asks him why he is still at the office. Roshan says he is struck in office because of Noida construction work. Gunjan gets sad. Seema asks her what happened. Gautham says their plan is cancelled because Roshan has to go Noida. Gunjan shows her frustration.

Shiv enters and asks Gunjan why she didn’t go with Roshan. Gautham says some work in their Noida construction work got hurt. Shiv says it’s emergency and asks Gunjan to don’t be upset. Seema says she is hurt because it’s their first outing. Shiv says Seema canceled his 5 dates. Seema denies it. Shiv asks Gunjan to join him for the date. Gunjan smiles and agrees. Gautham and Seema happy for Father and daughter outing.

Pari teases Yogi writing wrong details and family corrects her. They ask her to write he is handsome and smart. Pari says He is gobar. Yogi gets angry and tears biodata. Vivek asks him to stop saying she is just teasing. Yogi says he is good for nothing. when he tries to leave she holds Yogi’s hand to stop him and Praises his qualities saying good-hearted person is Yogi, For his parents, he’s Sravan Kumar, for his brothers he is Lakshman and for his friends he can fight with anyone. Maybe yogi can’t listen but he can understand others. Family claps while listening to her words for Yogi. Kabir says he recorded everything now their work is easy. Kusum invites everyone for dinner because she tried the Bengali dish for Pari.

Roshan says how many days they have to act or bear Gunjan. Chauhan says what’s the need to invite her for a date. Roshan says now she is involving. Chauhan says the whole family is involving but power is with them. Roshan says it’s tough to detach if we move forward. Chauhan says we can use Kundli to break their marriage.

Shiv arranges candlelight dinner in their home. Everyone enjoys. Gunjan and Shiv shares emotional moments. Seema says something is wrong with Chauhan and Roshan to Shiv. Shiv asks her to stop overthinking.

Pari is excited seeing Bengali dish prepared by Kusum but other family members are scared to eat. Yogi left the place saying he is not hungry. At night Yogi searches for food in the fridge. Paris helps him to warm

Precap – Neha asks Yogi whether he likes her. Yogi says yes and pari gets shocked. Roshan calls Shiv. Gautham asks him to stop his drama because his secret is out.