Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 13th November 2019: Pari gets jealous seeing Neha with Yogi

The episode starts with  Pari says she is tired after getting so many calls from her parents because of his boyfriend prank. Yogi apologies to Pari for his previous behaviour. Pari says it’s ok. Yogi says he want to clarify with her mom. Pari says she don’t care. Yogi haves his food. Hearing sounds From Kitchen Prakash says something happened. Kusum asks him to leave it. Prakash says what’s the need to make Bengali dish. Kusum explains how Pari mom talks with her. Prakash says than what’s the need to make her favourite dish. Kusum says to make her feel she is at home. Kusum says any religion girl is fine for Yogi.

Pari apologies to Yogi for teasing while writing matrimonial biodata. Yogi says will he really get good girl. Pari says he will get good girl and it’s good finally you decided to move on. Pari lost in her thoughts while Yogi finishes his dinner.

At breakfast table Nisha asks Where is Vivek. Rani says he gets angry when she asks him about when he will pay to Kabir. Kabir says he don’t need it. Yogi says Kabir is like Ambani. Prakash enter happily. Yogi asks for reason. Prakash says his competitior Gupta guy lost everything because long life insurance sales are down. Kabir gets shocked and Dadaji scolds Prakash for celebrating other person downfall. Dadaji asks Kabir why he is looking sad. Kabir says nothing and left the place in hurry. Nisha follows him to room and he cries while checking insurance company status. Kabir says to Nisha they lost everything because he invested his everything in that company and now it’s fake one. Nisha breakdowns hearing it. Kabir asks her to hide it from their family.

Pari carries heavy files box. Kusum asks Yogi to help her. Yogi takes her to hospital. Gunjan scolds Gauthsm for touching her phone. Seema asks Shiv to scold him for playing video games. Shiv scolds him. Shiv says today is Roshan first day and asks Gunjan whether she wished him or not. Gunjan says Roshan didn’t say anything to her. Shiv says maybe Roshan thought to surprise her.

Gunjan calls Roshan and says he is looking good and what’s special occasion. Roshan says nothing special. Gautham asks him to stop his drama because his secret is out. Gunjan smiles and says they got to know about his job. Roshan says it happened because of her and address her as his lady luck and asks Gauthsm to take Gunjan to hospital. Chauhan asks Roshan enjoy and leave Gunjan matter to him.

Mega excited seeing Yogi with Park and questions Pari whether her mom accepted. Pari asks Yogi to leave but Neha stops him and offer him to have coffee with her. Neha asks Yogi didnt he likes her. Pari gets jealous when Yogi signals that he likes Neha.

Precap – Yogi forgot his phone at hospital. Pari slaps some person when he tries to harm lady. That person tries to harm Pari also than Yogi stops him. Rani says some issue is happening in hospital.