Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 14th November 2019: Yogi rescues Pari from patient family

The episode starts with Yogi drinks Coffee with Neha. Pari gets irritated with them. Neha flirts with Yogi. Pari shouts on Neha. Neha says you don’t move forward and even not allowing me. Yogi asks them to fight and he about to leave. When some lady enters with her pregnant Bahu and asks to check her because she is having pain. Seeing Yogi, that lady panics and says hope their baby is not like him. Pari shouts on her and asks her to getout. Yogi asks her to relax and check the patient. Yogi apologies to patients for park behaviour.

Yogi forgot his phone and Park wents to give his phone. Bablu checks Pari pics in his mobile with Surjit. Moin caughts Bablu ear. Prakash and Mathur says Bablu is behind Pari. Moin warns Bablu to stay away from Pari. some patient gets expired and their relatives creates havoc in hospital. Pari says they tried very hard to save him but his chances are very low. They shows signed Papers to relatives if something happens to patient it’s not doctor responsibility. Relatives tears those papers and pushes them. Pari gets angry when Pregnant patient fell down and she slaps the person. Other person tries to harm Pari holding her injured hand. Pari cries and Yogi stops him and fights with that person for hurting Pari. Someone records everything in phone. Yogi takes Pari with him to the room and locks from inside.

Chauhan enters Shiv office with Roshan. Chauhan says he bought sweets to celebrate Roshan first day. Shiv asks Roshan to be careful. Chauhan taunts peon and Shiv stops him and says he keeps professional and personal relationships in different. Shiv says in office Roshan is not his daamad only his junior officer. Chauhan thinks it’s correct because they don’t need girl like Gunjan. Shiv says it’s not good to meet in office because they know how Roshan got job, it’s not good if the info leak to outside. Chauhan smirks and says today is their last meet.

Dadi and Dadaji asks Nisha reason behind her and Kabir sadness. Nisha about to say something but gets interrupted by Prakash who is searching for Yogi. Kusum says he went with Pari. Vivek shows hospital incident video to family. Kusum gets tensed and cries for them. Bablu and Surjit goes to hospital.

Police enters hospital and slaps patients family for creating issue and asks who uploaded video in sns. Doctors says they will do strike until they get Justice. Yogi bandages Pari injury. Pari thanks him for Saving her and says she is worried about Pregnant lady. Yogi tries to open the door but it’s get locked.

Precap – Vivek asks contestable permission to enter the hospital saying his brother is inside. Constable denies. Yogi consoles Pari.