Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 19th November 2019: Marriage alliance for Pari

The episode starts with Nisha thinks how Kabir is broken because of his loss in Shares company. Kusum gives milk to Nisha. Nisha cries hugging her. Kusum days Prakash is not angry and they are worried about Kabir and asks her if everything is fine. Nisha says everything is fine. Kusum says than why tears. Nisha says she remembers her mom. Kusum consoles Nisha and says take your time and reveal the actual reason behind your sadness.

Pari gets her mom’s call. Her mom asks about how is her hand and asks for Pari address to send her marriage proposal. Pari says not interested and asks her mom to take care of her married life before searching matches for her.

Moin comes with some people and they introduce themselves to Praksh family and says they came for Rishta. Pari hides and Srivastava’s get happy thinking it’s a match for their Yogi. The later family gets shocked after knowing they come for Pari Rishta. Yogi shows Pari to them. Pari asks them isn’t tomorrow they planned to meet her. They says because of some function they come today itself. Pari shouts on her mom for sending them without informing her and asks her to send them out immediately from her place.

Srivastava introduce themselves to Guests and praises Pari. Groom mom praises him saying his son is topper and cleared exams. Yogi says Pari is good girl and she takes care of them very well. Prakash says Yogi can’t speak. Groom mom says it’s take so much time for them to search match for Yogi. Family gets sad hearing her words. Kusum goes from that place.

 Kusum cries saying everyone is getting marriage proposals except Yogi. Dadi consoles her and says this year only Yogi marriage will happen. Kusum gets happy. Rani informs Pari seems reluctant in match. Kusum says match is looking good and thinks to talk with Pari.

Pari shouts on her mom seeing the guests on hall and warns her mom saying she will throw them outside Infront of family if she won’t call them to leave the place. And asks her mom isn’t she send this match because of Yogi boy friend prank. Pari mom says it’s not like that and says she gets scared incident from hospital that’s why sending Rishta. Pari says she is not kid anymore and asks her to send them from house in 5minutes. Kusum and others overhears her words. Kusum asks Pari to not talk in that way. Pari mom asks them to explain to Pari. Dadi and others asks Pari to meet Groom. Pari says they don’t know anything and her mom send this Rishta to take revenge on Yogi. Pari thinks how to explain Yogi prank to family. Pari mom says her father health also not good. Pari shouts to stop her drama. Rani and others request Pari to meet Groom for their respect.

Precap – Prakash sends Yogi to see whether Pari is ready of not. Yogi sees Pari and she asks him how she is looking. Yogi says like Durga maa. Pari says he will understand her worth once she left. Yogi feels bad.