Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 20th November 2019: Yogi gets mesmerized seeing Pari in saree

Episode starts with Yogi praises Pari and Prakash says to Dadaji yogi is lying so much. Groom family says they are not understanding what Yogi is saying. Vivek says Pari chooses Patients over strike. Groom mom asks what Yogi is doing with Pari. Prakash says they are friends and he went to help her.

Dadi says Pari will meet them. Pari takes phone and says she will meet them for family. Pari mom thanks Kusum. Yogi asks Pari to get ready Nd teases her. Pari says they will meet them normally bit Kusum and others asks her to get ready properly before meeting them

Rani and Vivek buys vegetables from market and vendor says so many people from their Mohali lost their money in insurance company. Vendor says maybe Kabir also part of that shares because he used to talk with Gupta. Vivek asks isn’t it Kabir tensed listening Gupta name. Rani and Vivek thinks their Kabir will never put money on shares.

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Kusum asks Pari to get ready in saree. Pari says she don’t want look like aunty. Yogi teases her wearing saree. Pari asks Kusum to warn Yogi otherwise she won’t meet groom family. Kusum sends him out.

Nisha lost in her thoughts leaving kheer on stove. Vivek and Rani asks her why she is looking tensed. Nisha says everything is ok. Vivek asks about Kabir and Nisha says he is in room. Kabir shouts on someone for involving him in wrong shares.

Vivek asks Kabir whether he is facing any problems after paying his loan. Kabir says no. Vivek asks Kabir whether he is fighting with Nisha for kids. Kabir gets silent and Vivek says their kids will be best gift for them.

Yogi walks into Pari’s room and lost in her seeing in saree. Pari asks how is she looking. He signals she is looking like Durga maa and her visarjan is awaiting. Pari says he will value her once she leaves his house forever. Yogi gets sad hearing that.

Bablu says today is not feeling good. Bablu gets Yogi call and tensed after knowing Pari got Rishta. Bablu asks Yogi to manage until he reaches. Pari enters with tea for everyone. Groom mom says why so late. Dadi says they lost almariah keys. Yogi teases Pari and she gets irritated. Dadaji asks Guests to talk with Pari. Groom mom asks is she knows household works. Pari answers her in Taunting way. Family members manages saying she will be busy in hospital. Bablu enters in suit and Everyone gets shocked. Moin asks him what happened suddenly. Bablu says he also came to their home for alliance.

Precap – Pari acts close with Yogi and introduces Yogi as her boyfriend to Groom. Prakash asks Yogi why Groom is saying you’re Pari boyfriend