Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 25th November 2019: Kabir is unhappy with Nisha pregnancy news

Episode starts with Pari says she will feel good when she stays with him. Yogi asks Why. Pari says I love you and want to stay with you every second for a lifetime. Yogi gets stunned hearing Pari love confession and reminds Pari moments with him. They get interrupted by Rani and Vivek. Rani says Yogi is safe from Prakash’s uncle because of Dadaji. Rani asks Why Pari is crying. Yogi says it’s just her act. Rani says No1 nautanki. Vivek says her support for Pari and Rani says Her support for Yogi. Rani invites Pari to learn Kheer preparation from them because they are making it cool Praksh mood.

Prakash asks Moin to control his son. Everyone tries to cool Prakash’s mood. And seeing Kabir, Kusum asks him to tell what happened. But he stays silent. Dadi and Kabir asks Yogi why he looks tensed. Praksh says tensed Kabir is asking about other tensions. Praksh says Yogi says everything to Pari and questions when she becomes his. Yogi looks on.

Seems asks why Shiv is looking tensed. Shiv says Roshan is not his daamad in office. Shiv gets angry that Chauhan is avoiding Roshan and Gunjan’s wedding everytime without attending his calls, his subordinate informs there is no guru with that name which Chauhan informed to him. Shiv asks his assistant to go. Shiv says why Chauhan is lying. Seema says only he can answer. Shiv calls him but Chauhan won’t attend his call. Shiv says there is something wrong. Gunjan gets message and says Roshan wants to meet her. Seema says what about office. Shiv says he takes leave.

Yogi and Pari thinks about their moments with eachother. Pari thinks her feelings are love and she can feel it. She checks Yogi and thinks how can he sleep after listening her confession. But under blanket Yogi checks Pari pics on his phone.

Next day Vivek tries to romance with Rani but they gets interrupted listening Kabir shouts on Nisha saying he can’t take this responsibility at this stage. Rani and Vivek enters the room and asks Nisha what happened. Nisha says she is Pregnant. Vivek and Rani gets happy. Kabir says don’t need this kid. Yogi enters and asks for Money. Vivek informs Pregnancy news to Yogi and he gets happy. Nisha lost her consciousness and Vivek asks Pari to check Nisha as she is pregnant. Pari gets happy and asks Kabir to don’t give stress to Nisha. Yogi avoids Pari. Kabir request them to don’t leak pregnancy news to others. Pari asks Yogi to bring her stetoscope. He avoids her and Vivek says he will bring it.

Precap : Gunjan denies to come out from Car in Chavdi bazar. Roshan shouts on her. Gunjan cries seeing Yogi. Pari says don’t know what’s Yogi thinking about me after expressing my feelings. Neha asks Parto call him but she says no. Neha calls Yogi.