Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 29th November 2019: Chauhan fights with Shiv!

Kabir asks Nisha to abort the baby
Episodes stars with everyone celebrates Nisha pregnancy news and scolds Kabir for hiding this important news. Pari sees their celebrations and leaves from that place. Yogi observes her.

Pari reminds her moments with Yogi and her Parents and thinks why Yogi came near window whether it’s care for him or something. Pari cries thinking he don’t cares for me or whether he cares. Yogi reminds his lovely moments with Pari.

Dadaji feeds everyone laddoo to celebrate Nisha pregnancy news. Everyone gives suggestions to Nisha about food and other things. Kabir moves from that place in tensed mood. Nisha says office tension. Vivek asks Yogi whether he knows Pari leaving news before. Yogi says no. Family feels bad thinking Pari will leave them.

Prakash also cries for Pari. Dadaji consoles Prakash and Kusum saying Pari is leaving to Kolkata. Kusum says she will never come back once she leave us. Dadaji says we don’t have relation with them to stop her. Yogi gets sad knowing this. Nisha asks Yogi are you fine. Yogi says I’m fine and she is tenant and one day she must leave us. Yogi feeds sweets to Prakash.

Kabir denies to have sweet from Nisha and asks her to abort the baby. Nisha says how can he do this when everyone is happy. Kabir says he candle handle kid at this time. Kusum asks what happened Nisha, why you have tears. Nisha says Kabir shouted on him for having more laddoos. Kusum warns Kabir and asks him to take care of Nisha.

Shiv calls Chauhan and says why he is ignoring his calls. Chauhan says he went to out of town and he didn’t like the way they inquired about his Guruji. Chauhan says I will brings my guru with me. Chauhan tells to Shiv I’m not running away with my son. Shiv says never thinks about it and warns that he doesn’t know him well. Chauhan asks if he is warning him openly if its that way ego will come between them.

Bablu and Surjhit meets Yogi at shop and they asks Yogi how he planned to stop Pari. Bablu asks Yogi to forget Gunjan and realise his true feelings for Pari. Yogi says i can’t listen or talk. Bablu says it’s her mom problem. Bablu says Pari is leaving because of you not because of her Parents. Surjith asks Yogi to stop Pari. Prakash sends Bablu and Surjhit from shop and asks Yogi why you’re looking lost like you fell in love. Yogi looks on.

At hospital Neha says Yogi will confess his love for you once he realise his love and now he tensed because of his previous experience with Gunjan. Pari says what if it never happens and I will get mad thinking about it so it’s better to leave from him. Neha says you love him so you can’t leave. Paris says but he don’t love me.

Precap – Yogi proposes Pari and she hugs him happily. Yogi makers her wear the ring. Chauhan says your daughter will be Kumari for lifetime if you say this to Roshan. Shiv asks them to get out.