Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 3rd December 2019: Vivek gets happy knowing Yogi and Pari love matter

Episode starts with Pari and Yogi cries emotionally. Yogi fixes ring in her finger. She hugs him happily abd they share close moment. Prakash calla Yogi and asks him to sleep because he have to go karolbhag tomorrow. Pari says good night and kisses Yogi cheek.

Pari and Yogi lost in their dream land and dances happily with things reminding their moments. Yogi throws water from terrace on Pari. Dadaji sees her and asks whether she is seeing Stars. Pari goes to her room saying good night. Dadaji says to Dadi, Pari is looking at sky like she is coming from that place and Yogi also at dhaba. Dadaji says Yogi gets sad hearing Pari is going to her town and they both fights like lovers. Dadaji says maybe something between Pari and Yogi.

Pari tries to wakeup Yogi.he denies and she says whether they fight like this with eachother for lifetime. Yogi says no and hugs her and kisses her forehead. Their moments gets interrupted hearing Vivek voice and Park hides behind bed. Vivek asks are you fine Yogi. Yogi says I’m doing Yoga. Vivek asks Yogi to meet Prakash and asks where is Pari. Yogi says maybe in your room. When Vivek goes Yogi Calla Pari out and he holds her without leaving her. She asks him to leave before someone sees them. Yogi kisses her and Pari also kiss him on cheek.

Yogi comes to breakfast table happily and dances with Kusum. Family share light moments. Rani asks Dadaji didn’t Pari and Yogi looking like Salim and Anarkali. Kusum asks to stop it. Kusum stops Yogi when he about to east apple. Kusum and Pari asks him to clean his teeth first. Vivek teases them with Salim and Anarkali names. Nisha asks what’s happening than Rani manages saying it’s for his radio play. Kusum asks Pari to take leave so she can spend time with them before she left to Kolkata. Pari agrees.

Rani and Vivek enters kitchen and asks reason behind his happiness. Yogi says he confesses his love to Pari. Rani feels happy. Vivek scolds Yogi for revealing his matter to his Bhabhi before him. They share hug. Rani asks Vivek to handle the matter. Vivek says I need something. Yogi says I will give you party but today I’m going to date with Pari. Rani gets happy.

Rani asks what’s your plan Pari. Kusum says she is taking leave. Rani says she can’t take leave because she have date with patient. Vivek corrects it saying appointment. Pari agrees with them and Kusum asks her to go.

Dadaji asks Yogi why you feel so happy. Pari fights with him teasingly and run behind him. Yogi gives her rose. Yogi asks her to come with him. Pari asks him to pick her and she gets shocked seeing someone.

Precap -Neha asks Pari about their today plan. Pari says don’t know. Yogi at clothes shop with his friends. Chauhan breaks Roshan and Gunjan alliance.