Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 7th November 2019: Pari gets injured during Diwali celebrations

Episode starts with Yogi remembers Gunjan wounds. Pari asks him to come inside and asks him about her look. Dadi calls her to burst crackers. Pari asks about Kabir and everyone says he is scared and hides insides his room. Family members teases Kabir and Prakash as darpoks.

Mathur asks Praskash to join.  Praskash ready to join them and Bablu says Prakash Vs Mathur satarts. Surjit and Bablu asks Yogi Reason behind his sadness.Yogi covers Situation saying he can’t hear the sounds of crackers. Yogi asks Khushi to be careful and Khushi says it won’t harm her. Yogi remembers Gunjan hand. Pari notices his behaviour. Dada ji asks to burst 3bomb at a time to teach Lesson to Mathur.

Pari says to Yogi to feel better because Gunjan wounds are not deep and asks him to take care of her because it’s her first Diwali with them. Dada ji notices Pari and Yogi. Prakash burst bomb bit Mathur says he have bigger bombs than him. Prakash lighten bomb and pari enters that place with her rocket. Mathur face gets dark because of explosion and Pari losts her consciousness. Yogi takes Pari inside house.

Gunjan cries and Seema advices Gunjan to change for her betterment. And says Roshan is good boy. Gunjan tries to interrupt but Seems says Yogi also good but he is not for you . Seema says Yogi moved on and asks her to move on in her life. Seema says she had someone in her life before Shiv.

Gunjan asks her what happened in her story. Seema says her life changed because of her parents decisions. Gunjan says her wound on hand will heal but her wound on heart can’t heal. Seema says time will heal everything.

Everyone panicks seeing Pari and Kusum shouts on Prakash for bursting that bomb. Yogi cleans Pari wound like she cleaned Gunjan wound. Pari asks him to clean slowly. Yogi says you also done like this in hospital. Pari questions him whether he is taking revenge on her. Family asks what revenge. Yogi expresses something in anger and left the place. Khushi blames Pari and Pari burst out saying His mood got back to previous mode after seeing Gunjan.

Pari explains everything happened in hospital. Pari says he is acting like it won’t affect but actually it’s affecting him badly. Prakash gets sad knowing Yogi condition. Pari apologizes to Yogi for Shouting on Yogi and says Yogi is broken. Dadi consoles Pari and says Yogi is worried about both of you. Dadaji says Yogi is worried for Pari more than Gunjan. Prakash says Diwali is over.

Yogi sits alone and reminsces  his moments with Gunjan and Pari.

Precap – Yogi says to Pari mom on skype he is Pari boyfriend and they both are happy in their relationship. Pari and her mom gets shocked. Shiv proposes for Gunjan and Roshan marriage to end Yogi problem.