Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 18th December 2019 Written Update: Gunjan gets shocked knowing Yogi feelings for Pari

Episode starts with Gunjan prepares dishes. Kusum invites everyone for dinner saying it’s prepared by Gunjan. Rani,Nisha and Kabir ,Vivek leaves from table. Dadaji gives Shagun to Gunjan and Prakash and others enjoys food prepared by Gunjan.

At hospital Pari sees Yogi sleeping on chair and asks him why he didn’t go. Yogi feeds food to Pari. Dadaji feels sad seeing everyone avoiding Gunjan and he calls everyone to hall and scolds them for treating Gunjan in bad way. Rani says We are avoiding her because Yogi is not happy and hope to hide Yogi feelings for Pari. Dadaji questions don’t you guys know the value of marriage and how will you guys feel if your near ones treats you like stranger. Dadi and Dadaji says now Gunjan is part of our family so never make her feel like she is alone, if you worries about Yogi than I will talk with him. Dadi says it’s easy for Yogi to accept Gunjan if everyone of us accept her.

Pandey says without Shiv sir everything is moving in wrong way. Shiv asks what happened. Pandey says Roshan starts giving illegal contracts. Shiv gets furious. Seema asks him to calm down.  Shiv asks Pandey to keep eye on Roshan moves.

Gunjan reminds her moments while listening song. Gunjan asks Yogi did you remember this one. He avoids her. She shows some shirts to him saying it’s for you. Yogi remembers Pari and throws everything. Gunjan gets stunned and collects things fell on floor. She gets shocked seeing Yogi and Pari close pics.

At hospital Yogi says Gunjan is changing my clothes and other things. Pari says she is your wife and will take care of your things and suggests him to forget about her and asks him to take care of Gunjan. Yogi says I can’t. Pari says why you married her when you can’t give her right. Pari warns to leave him permanently if he won’t give rights to Gunjan.

Gunjan asks why Pari didn’t attended our marriage and why Yogi is angry with me. Khushi and Rani inform Gunjan that when you broke up with Yogi, Yogi befriended Pari and they both fell in love. Khushi says Yogi loves Pari and his heart is belongs to her and they plan to marry eachother. Gunjan gets stunned.

Kusum consoles Gunjan and asks her to give sometime to Yogi. Gunjan says maybe Yogi can’t remove Pari from his heart. Kusum says I will talk with Yogi and he respects marriage. Kusum says everyone missed to eat your food so she asks Gunjan to make biryani for them. Rani and Nisha also asks her to prepare for them. Gunjan hugs Kusum.

  Precap – Prakash says I made mistake but asks Yogi to not punish Gunjan for his mistakes. Kusum says now only one person can bring the change. Prakash asks who.