Isharon Isharon mein 12th March 2020 Written Update: Yogi and Gunjan love confession for each other

Episode starts with Gunjan plays with her baby while reminscing Yogi words to get her voice back. Gunjan happily signs like singing to her baby. Kusum and Dadi sees her and says Ansh can hear and he can’t like our Yogi to feel happy with actions and they reveals that it’s impossible for them to arrange the money for Operation stating their family condition is bad and asks her to forgive them. Gunjan says Family happiness is more important than my voice. Kusum and Dadi blesses her. Gunjan takes selfie with them happily.

Yogi and his friends discusses ways to arrange the money. Bablu suggests Yogi they should kidnap a rich man and demand ransom. Surjit suggests it’s better if we sends buildings or properties taking percentage from sale. Yogi agrees with this idea. At dinner everyone have their fun covos. Family gets worried when Yogi doesn’t return home. Prakash walks in saying I will tell about Yogi and your son went to dance with Band members and noting list of Buildings to get that 20lakhs and don’t know what he is planning. Vivek and Kabir goes to bring Yogi. Prakash ask them to say to Yogi that he can’t get 20lakhs but it will ruin their name.

Suresh scolds Yogi saying who said I will sell my property. Kabir and Vivek sees this argument and asks what happened. Yogi says nothing hiding the address book. Kabir scolds him for dancing on others weddings. Yogi says it’s Surjit friend marriage but Vivek says we know who are your friends and asks him the reason why he is roaming around every house. Yogi leaves saying nothing. Vivek and Kabir thinks Yogi us hiding something.

Gunjan asks Yogi whetger he went to dance in someone’s wedding. Yogi shows the money and says I will do anything to get the money for your operation and you will get the voice. He dances and makes Gunjan smiles. Than Yogi about to leave than Gunjan asks him where are you going than Yogi shows his list of works how he is planning to drive taxi in the night. Gunjan asks when you sleep. Yogi says sleep is not problem. Gunjan signs I love you. Yogi replies her I love you too and both hugs each other.

Next day Dadaji scolds Chaturveji son for planning to sell Chaturveji house using broker. Prakash says we have to inform it to Chaturveji. Dadaji says I’m not getting his number. Kusum says I’m glad my kids are far from these kind of broker works. Prakash says who knows. Kusum says nothing will happen but she reminsces Prakash words how Yogi is listing the houses.

Precap – Prakash and others scold Yogi to stop everything. Yogi says I will do it. Vivek slaps Yogi in rase. Everyone gets shocked.