Isharon Isharon Mein 16th March 2020 Written Update: Bablu and Surjit arranges some money for Yogi

Episode starts with Ansh cries badly others tries to console him. Prakash gets angry and asks them to take Ansh to some other room. Dadaji scolds him for showing his frustration on Ansh. Prakash realises his mistake and takes Ansh in his hand and says sorry. Dadaji says broker work is good but he just chooses the wrong way. Vivek says in this way he might go in wrong way and how he get 20lakhs.

Kusum comes in tears and says now Yogi needs 2lakhs to pay immediately otherwise they won’t arrange for operation. Prakash says it’s good. Gunjan and Khushi comes to hall. Others asks them about Yogi. Khushi says Yogi went to get the 2lakhs. Others thinks where he will get the money. Prakash asks Gunjan to leave to her house for sometime. Prakash says hope he didn’t went to take loan from my order , if he do that I can’t forgive him. Vivek asks Rani to take Gunjan inside.

Surjit and Bablu gets money from their shops and asks Yogi to deposit the money. Surjit and Bablu says it’s just one lakh and where we get another 1lakh. Sujit gets Vivek call and when Vivek asks him about Yogi than Surjit says I don’t know about Yogi. Vivek says I know Yogi is with you. Surjit says yes and Yogi asks him to on the video call.

Vivek gets shocked seeing the money with Yogi and questions him where he got it. Bablu and Surjit says we gave him. Vivek and Kabir says you looted cash from your shop. Surjit says we are not thief’s but just helping our friend when needed. Vivek and Kabir says we too have some money,come to home we will give it you. Babpu and Surjit,Yogi thinks about remaining amount.
Some bike person drives rashly. Bablu shouts on him. That man comes near them and challenges Yogi to race with him and whoever wins will get 50000 rs. Yogi looks on.

Kabir and Vivek discusses Yogi friends are great do help him at correct time but they didn’t tried to help him. Worried Kusum asks Vivek and Kabir about Yogi. Vivek says Yogi at shop and Yogi got 1lakh. Kusum says where they got money and asks Vivek to call them. Vivek calls Surjit and asks him about Yogi. Kusum asks them to on the video call. Surjit asks Vivek to don’t on the video call and Bablu reveals about Yogi race competition.

Yogi comes to racing place with bike. Sujit and Bablu tries to stop Yogi before participating in competition. Racer says Yogi can leave once he pay the money.

Yogi agrees for competition and the race begins with 3nembers. Kusum comes to racing place with Kabir and Vivek. Yogi gets shocked seeing them. Kusum asks Yogi to get down from bike. Bablu and others asks racer to leave and racer says they won’t leave without 50thousand. Yogi asks him to leave but he throws Yogi and he gets hurt. Vivek and Kabir beats racers and asks them to leave. Racers run from that place.

Precap – Prakash taunts Yogi saying Son must be like this who lives selling his mom jewelry. Prakash throws documents and asks Yogi to sell shop and house too and than we will be on road just to listen Gunjan singing.