Isharoon Isharoon Mein 8th November 2019 Written update: Yogi announces he is in relationship with Pari

Episode starts with Yogi imagines he is enjoying diwali with Gunjan but he witness Pari in Gunjan place and she smiles seeing him. Yogi gets confused with his imagination. Vivek asks Yogi what’s the reason of his anger. Yogi asks him to leave and says to everyone he is not thinking about Gunjan. Everyone says Pari Is good one and wants to see him happy. Yogi says what’s the need to bring Gunjan name. Bablu says maybe Pari felt yogi is taking revenge. Yogi gets angry on Bablu. Yogi asks about Park hand. Rani says they bandaid to her hand. Yogi asks them to inform Pari to stay away from him.

Pari thinks about Yogi behaviour. Pari asks Khushi why she is not asking about her pain. Khushi asks what’s the need to raise her voice on Yogi. Khushi hugs Pari and asks about Gunjan. Pari says their family is weird.
Pari thinks Yogi didn’t even asks her about her injury and wakes him up. Pari apologies to Yogi for her last night incident. Pari runs mobile and stops when she notices he is watching how to bandaid someone hand. Pari asks him to change her bandage.

Chauhan came to Shiv house and enquires Seema why Shiv asks him to meet urgently. Seema says don’t know. Seeing Shiv, Chauhan asks whether he is facing pressure for ministry for Roshan. Shiv says this is another matter. Shiv tells Chauhan that Yogi can go any extent to get Gunjsn. Chauhan asks if he should so something to Yogi to keep him away. Shiv says they should get Gunjan and Roshan married soon. Chauhan hesitates. Shiv says any problem. Seema asks why he is not looking happy. Chauhan says they want to do grand marriage and they believe their Guru ji so he can check kundali of Roshan and Gunjan. Shiv says he will join them while meeting Guruji. Chauhan says they can meet once Guruji returns from Usa

Pari gets her mom call. And her mom asks her why she didn’t attend her calls on Diwali. Her mom gets worried seeing bandage and Pari says about yesterday incident. Seeing Yogi and Kusum presence her mom asks why they r listening their convo. Pari mom scolds Kusum for her husband reckless behaviour. Kusum smiles for Yogi and explains to Pari mom everything is fine. Kusum left place saying she will pack her Tiffin.

While changing Gunjan bandage, Seema asks did Pari said something to her. Gunjan says no but Gauthsm says Pari is cold towards them. Shiv talks with Roshan. Shiv says Roshan wants to talk with her and Gunjan agrees.

Pari mom says who is this guy. Yogi signals that they met accidentally and he is Pari’s boyfriend and they are happy together. Pari translates his words to her mother on phone. Pari and her mother gets shocked with yogi actions. Pari mom scolds her and Pari says it’s Yogi tease move.

Precap – Yogi takes food from fridge. Pari helps him to warm the food and she sits with him while he is having his food. Gunjan frustrated and Shiv asks why she didn’t go. Seema says Roshan didn’t come to pick her.