Ishk Par Zor Nahi 31st May 2021 Written Update: Will Ahaan understand Ishqi?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan remembering past events with Ishqi. Kartik comes there and they share an emotional moment. Ahaan says you were right, it’s all my fault, you always said I like that girl and it happened due to which she broke his wedding and all this happened. Kartik says you are not wrong, loving someone is not wrong. Ahaan says that Ishqi goes against family, this time she broke two familes. Kartik says love gives strength not anger. Ahaan says it’s wrong.

Here, Sonu is crying, Chachi is consoling her. Chachi says what must have happened that Ishqi did this? Sonu thinks to tell Chachi as she is understanding. Sonu is about to tell Chachi when Dadi comes. Dadi asks Chachi to go to Suman. Chachi goes. Dadi asks Sonu to go to Sarla or else she might think you are like Ishqi. Sonu thinks Ishqi is considered wrong by everyone just because of her and she is unable to do anything. Sonu goes listening to Dadi.

Ishqi comes to Kartik where Ahaan is sitting facing other side. Ishqi says Kartik, I know many things might have happened that night near pool but something very important and wrong happened with someone while we were near the pool, I did wrong by cancelling my marriage at last minute where as I should have cancelled it long time back. Kartik says but why? Ishqi says Mayank has done many wrong things, which is so bad I can’t name it, you know me as a person then you will believe in me or else I will think I have bad luck. Ahaan thinks this girl is very arrogant. Ishqi goes, Ahaan says to Kartik people who lie don’t have courage to look in the eye and lie, I always say truth but some people always lie. Ishqi goes.

Suman is crying, everyone is near her. Rhea asks Sarla and family tok go to room, she will stay. Suman cries and tells Dadi how she is so lucky to get Rhea like girl, and I wish I got someone like her. Suman cries. Maasi hears this and gets upset. Sarla, Ginni, Raj and Sonu go out. Sonu corners Raj and says I want to go to meet Ishqi. Raj says even I wanted that as I know for a fact that Mayank must have done something very wrong due to which Ishqi did this. Sonu goes to find Ishqi. Here, Kartik comes to Mayank and threatens him to tell what he did so wrong that Ishqi was talking about? Mayank is all silent. Kartik is about to threaten Mayank more when, Chachi calls him and asks him to get some medicines. Kartik says this conversation is not over. Mayank thinks to do something about Ishqi. Mayank calls Ishqi and says he just took pics of Sonu but did nothing further as Ahaan was calling him and he had tol leave. Mayank says I am sorry, please come to me. Ishqi says that ship has sailed now. Ishqi cuts the call

Sonu comes to Ishqi and apologies to her saying due to her she got caught in between. Ishqi says don’t think that way, Mayank just called me to tell me that he didn’t do anything further as I got drunk and met Sarla so Ahaan called Mayank due to which he couldn’t do anything. Ishqi says you were saved Sonu. Sonu hugs Ishqi and cries. Maasi comes and asks Sonu to leave Ishqi a moment alone as she needs to talk. Sonu goes. Maasi scolds Ishqi and says how can she be so selfish? Maasi says I had just wished for your wedding and never asked anything in return from you and you did this. Maasi goes. Ishqi cries. She gets chocked when Savitri comes with water. Savitri says people who say truth have to be strong and one day the truth will surely come out. Ishqi thanks her. Savitri is about to go when she sees Dadi. But Dadi goes and doesn’t notice Savitri. Seeing that, Savitri also leaves.

Rhea and Ahaan sit near Suman. Suman says how can I not know Ishqi’s real face, I can’t stay without my husband. Rhea and Ahaan try to calm her. Rhea and Ahaan leave the room. Rhea asks Ahaan to talk to Ishqi once as that might solve things a bit as Ishqi talks to Ahaan well. Ahaan thinks to do that. He is about to go to Ishqi when Dadi and Chachi are seen discussing how no one should deserve a girl like Ishqi. Dadi advises Ahaan not to go to Ishqi as she is a poison and will destroy our family too. Just then Mayank comes there calling Ishqi. Ahaan holds him and says Mayank you are drunk, come with me. Mayank keeps calling Ishqi. Ishqi comes there. Mayank apologies to her saying he always made fun of her and didn’t support her, he also dis major mistakes but now want to change. Mayank requests and begs her to marry him. Dadi thinks Ishqi is so egoistic. Mayank asks Ishqi if she will really not marry her? Ishqi says I won’t. Mayank cuts his wrist. Everyone gets worried and takes him to hospital. Ahaan scolds Ishqi for Mayank’s state. Ishqi thinks what is this new drama of Mayank all about?

Here, Suman becomes more fragile. Sarla comes and blames Suman. Dadi and Chachi try to cool down the things. Kartik comes. He says Mayank had a cut on the external side, nerve didn’t get any cut, he is fine. Chachi says we should focus on Sonu’s bidaai. Dadi says we can’t leave Suman in this state, we are with Suman, call the police, Ishqi will get arrested for provoking Mayank for suicide, we will give statement against her. Kartik says no. Ahaan says I called the police. Kartik says its wrong. Ahaan says no, its justice, she had hurt Mayank, I will ruin Ishqi like she ruined Mayank’s family.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ahaan brings police to arrest Ishqi. Ishqi says it’s all this waiter and Mayank’s fault. Ahaan confronts the waiter while Mayank’s friend informs him about Ishqi and Ahaan questioning the waiter.