Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th August 2021 Written Update: Ahaan doesn’t accept his responsibilities towards Riya!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi saying I will not let Ishqi come back, sign the papers, marry Riya and give her child your name, it will save our family name, its good for us, shift to Singapore and get away from Ishqi. Kartik takes the papers. He says don’t like Ishqi if you want, don’t break their relation, you are doing wrong. Dadi says Ishqi cheated us, she did wrong, Ahaan made Riya pregnant, he also did a mistake, I am rectifying that mistake, nothing is important to me than family, you are just thinking of Ishqi, I am thinking of Riya and your child, why shall the child get punished, I never taught you to run away from responsibility, a dad’s responsibility isn’t just to spend money on child, there is much more, you sign the papers, I will fix the rest.

Ahaan says I m sorry Dadi, I can’t do this. He goes. Savitri says Ishqi, I didn’t think of you and made you bad in Ahaan’s eyes, please forgive me, I got blind in my children’s love. Ishqi says you didn’t force me, don’t cry, we have to fix this, this fight is ours now, just support me, you lost your children and they lost you, Dadi snatched another relation from Ahaan, you have to be strong. Savitri says fine, I will do as you say. Dadi comes to Ahaan. She says you made Ishqi leave. Ahaan says please I can’t do this, I m angry and Ishqi is stubborn, we need time, she will come back, we had a fight, our relation didn’t break.
Dadi asks will you get her back to make her cheat us again, what about Riya and her baby. He asks what about family values, you said marriage is a pure bond, husband and wife shouldn’t leave each other in any situation, you were broken when my mum left my dad, how can I leave Ishqi, I m not like my mum, I don’t want my children to hate me like I hate my mum, I love Ishqi, I can’t live without her, she also loves me, she would be waiting for me to convince her, please don’t get into this matter, I can handle my personal life. Dadi says you trust me, I have to see if she deserves this love and trust, she has to prove her love, you didn’t sign the divorce papers, I want to see if she signs these papers or not. He says no need. She leaves.

Sonu asks what, why is Dadi doing this, she doesn’t like Ishqi, but she knows Ahaan loves her. Kartik says just Dadi knows it, she will separate Ishqi and Ahaan. She says we will talk to Ahaan. They come to Ahaan. They ask Ahaan not to sign the divorce papers, Ishqi did a lot for them. Ahaan says stop it, I m not divorcing Ishqi. Kartik says you are not making it right. Sonu asks where is Dadi leaving. She asks Ahaan do you know. Ahaan says Dadi is going to Ishqi to take her test.

She asks didn’t you stop her, its a big insult if Ishqi has to prove it. Ahaan says I know, Dadi and Ishqi are stubborn. Kartik says you are scared that Ishqi will sign the divorce papers, you don’t trust her love. Dadi comes to Maasi’s house. Ishqi asks why did you come here. Dadi says you left my house, not Ahaan’s life, so I got these divorce papers. Ishqi asks what do you want. Dadi says if you sign the papers, then I will unite Savitri and her children, I will ask Ahaan and Sonu to keep a relation with their mum if they want, its their wish. Savitri says you don’t listen to her, Ishqi. Dadi asks Ishqi to think and unite a mum and her children. Savitri says no, don’t do this. Dadi comes home. Ahaan asks what did Ishqi say. Kartik says she would have refused, right. Dadi gives the file. She says you trusted Ishqi, she didn’t take a minute to sign. Ahaan checks the signs. Kartik says there would be some reason behind this, Dadi would have forced her. Dadi acts. Ahaan cries. Sonu says Kartik, Ishqi signed it, no reason could convince her for this. Dadi says I asked Ahaan not to trust anyone, its a proof that I was right about her, you all were so wrong.

Maasi asks what did you do, how can you sign the divorce papers. She says go and talk to Ahaan, I won’t support you in this madness. Ishqi says swear on me, you won’t go, let me do this, its for everyone’s betterment, trust me, I can’t live without Ahaan, I won’t let our relation break.

Episode ends.

Ahaan takes Ishqi and asks her why did she sign the papers. She says I don’t care what you think. He also signs the papers. Savitri says you go and end the fight with Ahaan. Ishqi tells her plan. She says Ahaan will come and end our fight.

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