Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th May 2021 Written Update: Will Sonu see Savitri?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode begins with Ishqi waking up beside Ahaan. She sees Ahaan so close to her and sees her clothes changed. Ishqi worries thinking something has happened maybe. She feels Ahaan waking up so she pretends to sleep. Ahaam goes to washroom. Ishqi wakes up and wonders what might have happened. She sees a mark on her hand and worries. She thinks to check his phone and sees no reply from Mayank. She thinks I am going to marry Mayank and here something happened between me and Ahaan, please don’t let it be true god. She thinks why will Ahaan do something with me when he doesn’t even like me. Ishqi thinks Ahaan slept on sofa then how come he landed on the bed. Ahaan comes out of wahsroom and smiles and Ishqi. Ishqi thinks why is he smiling. Ishqi asks Ahaan why is he behaving sweetly. Ahaan says yesterday because of my mistake it happened yesterday. Ishqi says what mistake? Ahaan says I kept the AC at 16 so that’s why it happened. Ahaan gets a call and goes out asking Ishqi to get ready.

Here, Sonu wakes up and goes to washroom and sees the washroom door is locked. Sonu thinks how can it be locked from inside. Savitri wakes up and worries where to hide in the washroom. She thinks to see Sonu and talk to her but worries thinking if dadi comes then it will be problem. Sonu calls room service and asks them to open the washroom. Everyone comes to Sonu’s room. The room servive guy opens the washroom. Savitri hides inside bathtub area. Kartik says see the washroom is open now. Raj asks if they heard anything from Ahaan. Rhea and Kartik says yes and see that they both got same msg only. Kartik says Ahaan should have written something romantic to you. Rhea says Ahaan is not like that. Sonu goes inside wahsroom and brushes her teeth. She senses someone inside the bathtub area and sees a hand. Here, Kartik gets Dadi’s call, Kartik says the resort is amazing. Dadi asks about Ahaan. Before Kartik could answer, Rhea wishes Dadi and says when Ahaan and Ishqi will come back, Ahaan will talk to her. Dadi is shocked. Sonu comes running to save the situation but Dadi is already upset. Kartik tells about it to Ahaan.

Ishqi comes to Ahaan and says what happened yesterday tell me. Ahaan says due to AC’s temperature you were shivering. Ishqi says so I was shivering so you gave me body heat, when you knew I am marrying Mayank. Ahaan shuts her mouth with her hand. Ahaan says how can you think like this? Ishqi says all this happens in movies. Ahaan says it’s not movies that we are in, you were shivering in fever so I gave you medicines. Ishqi says then my dress. Ahaan says I was giving you patti on head for fever when your dress became wet so I called manager’s wife who changed your clothes. Ishqi says what about this scratch mark. Ahaan remembers how Ishqi held her hand and he had to sleep like that and it was from his watch but in reality he says to Ishqi it was because she kind of punched manager’s wife while she was changing her clothes. Ishqi says okay. Ahaan says my thoughts might be old and everything but I can never take benefit of any girl like this. He storms off.

Here, Kartik says Dadi will become Godzilla now. Rhea comes there, Sonu asks Rhea to eat something. Rhea says sorry for what she said to Dadi. Sonu says don’t worry you didn’t know it’s okay. Kartik says Ahaan will handle Dadi. Sonu sats if you feel so much worried then talk to Ahaan. Rhea says yes I will. Here, Ahaan pays the bill. He turns around to see Ishqi saying sorry. He ignores and goes to take the call of Rhea. Here, manager asks Ishqi about her baby bump. Ishqi says how for taking a lift she did that and explains him. Ahaan cutely sees Ishqi while she is explaining. Later, Ahaan is in the car, Dadi calls him. Dadi says to make Mayank and Ishqi married and announce his wedding with Rhea. Ahaan says you come here and everything happen according to you. After the call. Ahaan sees Ishqi talking to the manager and thinks Dadi is right.

Here, Raj asks Mayank if he heard from Ishqi. Rhea says she talked to Ahaan and they will be arriving soon. Mayank says I haven’t talked to Ishqi but I am planning a surprise party for her tonight. Everyone gets excited. Mayank thinks this time he will spike Sonu’s drink and make her life miserable. Rhea says she will ask Ahaan before attending the party. Ahaan and Ishqi come. Ahaan says who needs my permission? Rhea goes and hugs Ahaan. Ishqi looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ahaan denies that he and Rhea won’t be coming to the party. Kartik tells Ahaan to realise his feelings for Ishqi fast. Ishqi comes ready for party and Ahaan looks on.