Ishk Par Zor Nahin 11th August 2021 Written Update: Chachi attempts to make Ahaan and Ishqi unite.

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 11th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi talking to Riya on phone. She asks Riya not to worry. Ahaan comes to meet Ishqi. He says I had to come, you made me helpless, what’s all this, is this anger, ego, revenge, what is it, why did you sign this, you want to prove that you are right and I m wrong, what was your promise to always support me. Riya says its not about me, but my baby also. Dadi says its about Ahaan and his mum, Ishqi loves him a lot, she agreed for his sake. Ishqi says I tried a lot, what was my mistake, I wanted to unite you and your mum, you can’t decide everything alone, you made me leave, did you clear out when you asked me to go, I thought you will come and convince me, you didn’t call, when I signed, you came now to ask me. He says you don’t have any regret.

Dadi says its a loss to be too good, people like us take an advantage, Ahaan will think Ishqi doesn’t want to stay with him, once Ishqi goes, I will see Savitri, it will go as per our plan. Ahaan says fine, I will also sign on it. He signs the papers. He asks happy now. He gives the ring to her. Dil ke kinaaro ke….He leaves. She cries. Ahaan comes home. He says its all over. Dadi asks are you fine, shall I talk to Ishqi, I can beg her for your sake, I can’t see you dad. He says no need to talk to her, I will be fine. He goes upstairs.

Kartik says I don’t know how Ishqi’s love lost to your hatred, what did you get by hurting Ahaan, well done Dadi, congrats. Dadi asks him to be quiet. She says its good Ishqi’s truth came out, else Ahaan would have got hurt, he is my grandson, he won’t break down easily, he will be fine, entire family is with him. Chachi says I will talk to Ahaan. Maasi asks did Ahaan also sign, he came to convince you, you would have done something. Ishqi says I m fine, divorce won’t happen, I trust my love and Ahaan, this was necessary to do, Dadi will believe that I m much angry and can do anything, now Dadi will get a shock, I will force Dadi to show her real truth, she will make some mistake. Maasi says I don’t understand anything, Savitri will never agree to this. Chachi comes to talk to Ahaan.

Ahaan says we all will have a family outing, I will call Raj. Chachi says enough, I m your mum, you can tell me your feelings, Dadi made you strong, but you can try, Sonu and Kartik’s childhood didn’t end, you have grown up in childhood, you never ask for anything. He says why did Ishqi hurt me. He cries. He says I thought Ishqi can never do this, how can she go if I asked her to go in anger. Dadi says love is nothing, no one can make Ahaan against me. She gets Riya’s video call. Riya asks did Ahaan sign the divorce papers, do something, you promised you will get me and Ahaan married. Dadi asks her not to spoil her mood, let the divorce happen. Riya asks did he sign the papers. Dadi says I had to make him do this, he saw Ishqi’s sign and signed it. Riya says wow, you are a genius, get me married to Ahaan.

Dadi says okay, don’t trouble me now. She ends call. Chachi comes to talk. Savitri asks what, Ishqi and Ahaan signed the divorce papers. Maasi cries. Savitri says I will talk to Ishqi, I won’t let their marriage break. Ishqi comes. She asks her not to worry. Savitri says we are upset, I asked you not to do this, what’s the need. Ishqi says its needed, we know what to do, I asked Suraj to discuss the next plan. Savitri says you will go now and end the fight with Ahaan. Ishqi says he will not listen to us against Dadi without a proof, I don’t want to repeat the old mistake. Suraj comes. Ishqi says we have to make an announcement. Savitri says I don’t want anything, just think of Ahaan and your relation. Ishqi says if I say, Ahaan will come and end the fight himself, listen to my plan once. Suraj says listen to her once, decide later. Ishqi tells her plan.

Episode ends.

Ahaan and family see Ishqi’s news. Ishqi and Ahaan argue. Ahaan says let Ishqi do anything she wants, one who do wrong should get scared. Dadi worries.

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