Ishk Par Zor Nahin 11th June 2021 Written Update: Will Ahaan be able to stop Ishqi?

Episode begins with Rhea’s parents asking Dadi to announce the date of wedding. Here, Ahaan gives se medicines to Maasi for Ishqi. Dadi comes to them, while Ishqi goes saying thank you. Ahaan says to Rhea that he is going to take shower. Mehtas tell Ahaan that they will be announcing about their wedding. Ahaan says what’s the hurry. Dadi says for girl’s family it’s late only. Kartik says but why now? He says to Sarla to not support as Ishqi is here. Sarla says but Ishqi is leaving right?

Here, Ishqi tells Maasi that she is getting a job offer from Rhea’s dad. Here, Chachi and Kartik are taking food and kadha for Ishqi but Dadi tries to stop them. Kartik says Ishqi did so much for us this is the least we can do. Dadi says Ahaan already paid for her bills. Kartik says she deserves a lot better. Kartik says I can argue with you whole day, but now I need to give these to Ishqi. Kartik leaves. Dadi asks Chachi what are you doing? Chachi tells Dadi how Ahaan sent her to help Ishqi’s Maasi from her Maasa. Chachi says if Ahaan can feel so for an outsider then think when he gets to know of his mother’s pain how will he react, please tell him about his mom. Dadi says am I wrong? Chachi says just think like a woman. Dadi says Savitri is dead. Chachi says what? Dadi says she is dead for all of us and now accept it. Dadi thinks why is again the topic of Savitri started?

Here, Ishqi gets call from hospital and it is shown that Savitri is alive but in coma. Ishqi took care of Savitri. The doctor says there is a treatment which is expensive but Savitri can gain consciousness. Ishqi thinks to help Savitri with this treatment. Kartik comes and says Ishqi I got food for you and he thanks her for everything. They spend light moment and Ishqi smiles.

Sonu brings tea for Ahaan and they discuss about what all has happened. Ahaan says sorry for being a protective brother. They clear their problems and become emotional. Sonu thanks Ahaan for understanding. Ahaan says Mayank will have to pay for what he did and also I am guilty for making Ishqi’s life hell from last 6 months. Rhea comes there and says we all feel guilty to judge Ishqi. Ahaan says he wants to rest. Sonu goes. Rhea tries to strike a conversation with Ahaan but he says he needs to sleep. Rhea says my parents are waiting from past 2 years and today they want to announce about our wedding. Ahaan says so much is going on and you are just thinking about marriage? Rhea says I have to think about my family too. Ahaan says I need to get hold of Mayank, make him pay for what he did and also make Ishqi’s career right. Rhea says I did it, I offered Ishqi a job from Singapore, she is almost accepting it. Ahaan thinks Ishqi wants to go away from me? Rhea says tell me will the announcement happen or not?

Kartik comes and says there is an emergency come fast. He takes Ahaan from there. He says I got you out of there because I knew you are still thinking about Ishqi. Ahaan says I am engaged to Rhea. Kartik says but you have the right to live your love story, or else tell me what would you have replied to Rhea? Ahaan thinks on.

Sonu brings tea for Raj. Raj is still upset and Sonu tries to convince Raj but he makes some work excuse. Here Maasi asks Ishqi how did she got hurt? Ishqi gets flashes of last night. Ahaam comes and says I will tell you. Maasi says Ahaan.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi goes to airport. Here, Ahaan and Kartik chase Ishqi till the airport. Ahaan proposes to Ishqi.