Ishk Par Zor Nahin 12th July 2021 Written Update: Ishqi to be successful in her plan?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ahaan asking Sonu did they give her such values to disrespect Sarla. He apologizes to Raj. He says Sonu is just worried because of me. Raj says we all are worried, don’t fold hands and embarrass me, we will figure out some way. Ahaan asks where is Ishqi. Kartik says she went out, don’t know. Ahaan asks where. He asks Sonu to apologize to Raj. Ahaan ad Kartik go. Raj gets upset. He says once your anger calms down, you can come home. Chachi is with Dadi. Dadi says bad happens with Ahaan, he lost his parents, he is working hard since he was young, Ahaan’s fate would be good, but this Ishqi, her fate is bad, she creates troubles for everyone. Chachi says Ishqi didn’t do anything. Dadi asks did Ahaan do wrong, Ishqi trapped him, Ahaan is suffering. Ahaan hears this. He calls Ishqi. He says where is she…..

Ishqi comes home. Ahaan asks where were you. She makes an excuse. He asks where did you go, tell me. He gets angry and says tell me. She asks why are you talking in this tone. He says I was worried for you, I can question you, tell me, where were you. She says I won’t say, seeing your arrogance. He asks why are you doing this, I fight many people for you, you are getting stubborn, Dadi speaks against you every day, I tell her that my Ishqi can never be wrong, if she asks me where did Ishqi go, what would I answer her, I m not asking that I have a right to know, but I should have some answer if Dadi asks me. She thinks how to tell you that I went to meet your mum. She asks did Dadi ask anything.

He asks won’t you say. She says trust me. He says I don’t want to keep silence and lose you, I don’t want Dadi to misunderstand you, so I m asking you, tell me. He sits worried. She says I had gone to meet Maasi, I just wanted to help you, I don’t understand business or enmity, I just understand you, I wanted to help you. He asks how. She says I used to keep money in the non functional AC in Maasi’s house, a middle-class wife can just help this much, I know it won’t help you, I can’t sit quietly when you are in problem. She cries. Mahiya….plays…. He hugs her. Sonu says Raj would be upset, I told wrong about Sarla in anger.

She calls him. She says he isn’t even answering, fine, I will not call him again. She gets angry and comes to Kartik. She asks who are you talking to. He hides the phone. She asks were you messaging Raj, tell me. He asks her to go. She says I have to talk to him. She checks his phone. She says you are chatting with Rhea, why. He says you go and talk to Raj. She asks why are you talking with her, you know Rhea and her mom did tv vamp’s work. He says Rhea was unwell, so Ahaan got late. Sonu asks did Rhea call Ahaan, why. He says I also don’t understand, Ahaan got married, why is Rhea after him, I reached there on right time, else Ahaan was going to her. She says we will ask Ahaan. He says no, he is already in stress, Ishqi doesn’t know this.

She says it will be a big problem, think of something. He says we have to find what’s happening. Ahaan says I wasn’t doubting you. Ishqi says you always doubt. He says I swear, I wasn’t doubting. She laughs and says I know it. He says you are a drama queen. He smiles. She jokes. She says zoom and look at me, I didn’t think you were doubting on me. He says I never imagined that we will discuss our life this way. She says yes, but I had a hope. He asks why.

He says people think we hurried in getting married. She says whatever is happening with you… He says it will end soon, I will never leave you. She says I will die, but never leave you. She hugs him. She thinks whatever will happen tomorrow, you won’t like it, I promise I will never leave you, your mum is returning in your life tomorrow. Its morning, Ishqi asks Dadi can I help. Dadi says no thanks. Chachi says Kartik would have joked if he was here. Ishqi says a foreign company wants to work with Ahaan, meeting is today, Ahaan has told me. Dadi thinks Ahaan didn’t tell me but to this Ishqi. Ahaan asks Ishqi to give breakfast. Sonu wishes best of luck to Ahaan. Ishqi asks Dadi to feed curd to Ahaan. Dadi wishes and hugs Ahaan. He leaves.

Rhea says dad, you said Ahaan will come to beg us, why didn’t he come. Mehta says I don’t know how can any company hire him. Chachi says its happening because of Ishqi, she is lucky. Ahaan is in the meeting. The man says once you sign the contract, you can’t back out before 6 months, else you have to pay a big penalty. Ahaan says I understand, I don’t go against my commitment. He signs the papers. He asks can I meet the clients. The man says my client is in India, she has invited you and your family for dinner tonight. Ahaan calls Ishqi. Ishqi says I will be ready for dinner. She ends call and says Ahaan will meet his mum today, I promise, I will unite him with his family.

Episode ends.

Ahaan and family come to the client’s house. Savitri comes and greets. Dadi and everyone get shocked.

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