Ishk Par Zor Nahin 13th July 2021 Written Update: Ahaan to get shocking news?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 13th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dadi stopping Ishqi and asking where are you going. Ishqi says Ahaan called and said his foreign clients have invited for dinner, I was going to get my costly clothes from Maasi’s house. Dadi says fine, I will come along and meet your Maasi, I will meet my friend on the way, what are you thinking. Ishqi goes with her.

Savitri says I don’t know how I will be able to do this, if anything goes wrong. Maasi says Ishqi is coming. She doesn’t check Ishqi’s message. Ishqi and Dadi walk to the door. Ishqi rings the bell. Maasi says she has come. Savitri says I will check. Ishqi worries. Dadi gets a call and speaks. Maasi opens the door. Dadi greets her and asks are you okay now. Maasi says yes, how are you. Maasi goes to make tea. Savitri gets scared. Ishqi says it’s me. Savitri says I heard her voice and didn’t open the door, she will ruin you if she knows you are helping me. Ishqi says you are doing this for Sonu and Ahaan, you can’t get scared. She pacifies Savitri.

Ahaan comes to the room and compliments Ishqi. He gives her a gift. He says bahus get ancestral jewellery, but I won’t let my mum’s shadow fall on you. Ishqi asks him not to get angry. He makes her wear the necklace. They have a moment. They get close to kiss. Kartik comes and says give me a matching tie, so sorry, I didn’t know this will happen here all the time. Ahaan asks what will happen if you come always. He gives him a tie and goes angrily. Kartik says so much angry, Ahaan was doing a romantic scene. Ishqi smiles and goes.

Kartik says he is making me leave, this love story reached here because of me, my contribution has no value, so bad. Ahaan and family come to meet the client. They see the big house. Dadi says they look very rich. Manager asks them to have a seat. They all get seated. Kartik says its rich client, Ahaan’s problems will end. Ishqi says don’t make me laugh. Servant gets the welcome drinks. Ishqi thinks Dadi will be shocked seeing Savitri. Dadi says this deal is imp for Ahaan, sit quiet kartik. Savitri comes and greets them. They all get shocked seeing her.

Savitri says you have closed the doors for me, but my house doors are always open for you, welcome. Chachi smiles. Raj asks why is she talking like you all know her already, Sonu, do you know her. Sonu cries. She thinks I don’t know I should get angry or happy. Kartik thinks how will Ahaan react now. Savitri says I m seeing my children after many years, but I identified them, my Ahaan and Sonu….Savitri holds Sonu and cries. Ahaan turns away. She asks them to sit. Suraj comes and asks them to get seated. Savitri introduces Ishqi and Raj to Suraj. Ishqi asks Ahaan is this your mummy. She goes to Dadi and asks shall I touch her feet. She goes to touch Savitri’s feet. Kartik stops Ishqi. Savitri asks how are you. She greets Dadi and touches feet. Dadi asks how did you come here.

Savitri says you still care for me, I am meeting you all after many years, are you all okay, he is Kartik, right, he has grown up. Ahaan says shut up, is this a joke going on here, what are you doing here. Manager says Sir, you have signed the contract with them, Savitri and Suraj are the company owners. Ahaan says I didn’t know about this when I signed the contract, I can’t let her shadow fall on my life. Savitri says don’t take decisions in haste. Ahaan says don’t call me your son.

Dadi thinks how did she get so rich, how did she get so much courage, why did she not tell my truth to Ahaan, what does she want. Ahaan says we won’t stay here. Savitri says have dinner at least. Ahaan and everyone leave. Savitri asks Dadi not to worry. She says I won’t expose your truth soon, the game has just begun. Dadi worries. Ahaan comes and takes Dadi. He says we can solve our problems, we don’t need her help. The pic breaks. Ahaan sees their childhood pic. Savitri asks are you hurt. Ahaan says I m hurt since 20 years. He leaves with Dadi. Savitri hugs the pic and cries. She says Ahaan’s Dadi has filled hatred in his heart against me.

Ahaan and everyone come home. He says how dare she comes back after so many years, is this a joke that she left us and she came back now. Chachi says she looked settled with Suraj. Dadi shouts. Ahaan says I don’t care about her. Suraj says its not Ahaan’s mistake, his Dadi told him false stories and made him hate you, you know this already. Savitri says I knew it, but I m still hurt, I feel bad for Ahaan and myself, I don’t know if Ahaan will accept me. Ahaan says she thinks we will accept her. Ishqi asks Dadi are you fine, Ahaan felt bad, his reaction was extreme, like you saw a ghost, I m worried for you, is she Ahaan’s mom. Ahaan says she isn’t my mum, she lost the rights on us when she left us, we have no relation with her, I will not let her enter our lives again, never.

Episode ends.

Ishqi asks are you fine. Ahaan goes to the washroom and cries. Ishqi also cries. Dadi says I had made the plan, how did Savitri get saved from the accident. Ishqi hears Dadi’s conversation.

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