Ishk Par Zor Nahin 13th May 2021 Written Update : Will Dadi see Ishqi and Ahaan together?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 13th May 2021 Written Update On

Episode begins with Mayank asking Ahaan to take Ishqi inside and he will handle Sarla. Ahaan says you take Ishqi. Mayank says I am not girl’s brother so Sarla won’t say much so you go taking Ishqi. Ahaan agrees. Ahaan is about to go in the direction where Mayank has kept Sonu. Mayank asks Ahaan to go by pool side. Ahaan goes. Here, Raj and Kartik knock to call out Sonu. Sarla comes and calls out Raj. Raj rushes. Sarla says you have worn the same dress. Ginni says yes. Raj says but there is no party. Kartik comes and diverts Sarla but Sarla says I won’t get diverted today, I want to see Sonu. Raj gets a msg and says okay mom you can see Sonu is asleep. Sarla says okay. Kartik says what is this reverse psychology. Raj shows Sonu’s msg where it’s written she is in room.

Here, Ishqi takes her sandals and says it’s very expensive. Ishqi throws into the pool. Ahaan says you said it’s expensive but you threw them. Ishqi says if I kept it outside someone would have taken it. Ishqi says I for Ishqi and I for Intelligent. Ishqi says you only said Ishq hai. Ahaan says when did I say this. Ishqi says when you were high in holi. Ahaan says don’t shout. Ishqi says just because I am a girl so I can’t shout? Ishqi says our marriage is cancelled but then we are not getting married so I am saved but Rhea got trapped. Ahaan tries to hold Ishqi. Ishqi reminds Ahaan of holi day and what all good things he said. Ahaan says it’s all lies. Ishqi says I never lie. Ishqi makes Ahaan sit pool side with legs inside water. Ahaan adores Ishqi.

Here, Mayank tries to manage Sonu and take her inside. A waiter sees them. Raj and Kartik bring Sarla to party place and shows how there is no one here and no party. Sarla says I want to see Sonu. Raj says Sonu is sleeping in the room. Sarla says so let’s check. Seeing Kartik and Raj quite, she says I will call Dadi. Kartik says she must be at home asleep. Sarla says no she is awake and here. Kartik worries.

Here, Rhea thinks that it was happy time with Ahaan today. She comes out of room but hearing Dadi and Chachi so she rushes inside the room as she is wearinga knee length dress. Rhea thinks thank god Dadi didn’t see me in this dress or else it would have in a problem for Ahaan. Here, Dadi gets a call from Sarla saying Sonu is partying. Dadi says Sonu is sleeping in room. Sarla says then go yourself and check it. Dadi and Chachi go to Sonu’s room. Savitri is inside so she doesn’t open up hearing Dadi’s voice. Dadi asks a waiter to open the door. Savitri pretends to sleep inside the blanket pretending to be Sonu. Dadi sees and thinks it’s Sonu who is asleep.

Here, Ishqi and Ahaan spend some romantic time. Ishqi tells Ahaan how she has not felt like this for Mayank but she feels for him. Ahaan asks what? Ishqi says you see me so tensely, Ahaan says intensely. Ishqi says we are like Romeo Juilet, Heer Ranjha and etc. Ishqi says in English we have geography. Ahaan says chemistry. They keep looking at each other.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sarla sees Ishqi and Ahaan together and makes a scene. Here, Mayank brings Sonu to room. Savitri sees this and goes to protect Sonu.