Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th April 2021 Written Update: Ahaan to plan a surprise for Ishqi?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi saying we can celebrate holi but in one condition that the dhol should be the loudest. Everyone laughs. Mayank’s mom calls Maasi to ask if engagement is possible on holi. Maasi discusses with Ishqi. Ishqi thinks earlier the engagement got cancelled because of her so this time she should agree. She says yes. Here, Mayank’s mom likes all the ideas of Ahaan and thanks her for his idea. Ahaan says no aunty it’s not my idea, it was all Mayank’s idea. Mayank’s mom says but why are you so defensive. Ahaan says no no I am not.

Ahaan and Kartik are making list for the holi event. Kartik is still teasing Ahaan that he is planning such a perfect holi event just for Ishqi but Ahaan becomes defensive again. The servant gives the dresses Ahaan ordered. Kartik says we have 3 females but we have 4 dress. Ahaan blushes a bit and says I will take this one and give it myself. Here, Sonu msgs Raj that sorry and from now on I will always share everything. Dadi and chachi see the dress to be given to Sarla and they imitate her how she is always after price and branded items. Here Sonu tries the dress. Mayank gets a small passage through which he starts seeing Sonu change. Raj comes and beats him. Mayank tries to make some excuse and goes.

Here, Ahaan and Mayank’s mom come to Ishqi’s place. Ishqi greets Mayank’s mom and thinks Mayank must have come too. But then she is surprised to see Ahaan. She keeps om wondering why is Ahaan here again and what is he upto now? She goes to make tea but due to these thoughts about why Ahaan has come, Ishqi puts salt in tea instead of sugar. Later, Ahaan drinks the tea first and coughs. He changes the topic saying the tea is great. He doesn’t let Mayank’s mon have tea saying it has too much sugar and instead he only drinks it. Ishqi gets more suspicious that why did Ahaan did this? Mayank’s mom gives gift to Ishqi and says no one in Ayaan’s family celebrate holi so we will be having a normal engagement in the mandir. Ishqi will say yes that sounds good. Ahaan whispers to Mayank’s mom thay let’s go as we need to plan the surprise. So they leave. Maasi says sorry to Ishqi saying this holi she can’t play. Ishqi says it’s okay. Then Ishqi starts drinking tea and realises what Ahaan did and thinks how can Ahaan leave a moment to taunt her. Here, in malhotra mansion, Ahaan shows the theme is unique as we will all wear shoes with traditional clothes. Ahaan remembers how Ishqi wore shoes in her engagement. Ishqi thinks it is all Mayank’s idea.

Next day, Ahaan tells Mayank that all arrangements are done according to his plan. Mayank says don’t say like that you have a big role in this. Mayank sees Sonu and starts praising Ishqi. Mayank goes and Sonu comes to hug Ahaan and wish him Holi. Here, Sarla and family arrive with Ishqi and Maasi. Raj prevents Sarla from saying anything as he doesn’t want Ishqi’s surprise to be ruined. He makes Sarla go inside and he takes Ishqi with him saying Sonu is finding you come. There Ishqi sees the arrangement and is surprised. Everyone comes and say surprise. Mayank’s mom asks Ishqi how is the surprise? It is all Mayank’s plan. Ishqi is happy. Sarla says what about our happiness now. Sonu says it’s right here. Ahaan and Kartik come there playing dhol. Sarla and her sister dance and have fun. Ishqi says me and Sonu are really lucky to have guys like Mayank and Raj. Mayank holds Ishqi’s hand. Mayank goes to spike the drink. Ishqi thanks him. She says you have sent shoes for me. Mayank says I didn’t send it, these shoes look horrible on this ghagra. He goes. Ishqi thinks how can this happen. She sees Ahaan taking pills and thinks what does he want. Ahaan says finally, she will come to thank me, I will say sorry, guilt and matter will end.

Ahaan says I have planned all this as I was feeling guilty. Mayank spikes Sonu’s drink.

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