Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th July 2021 Written Update: Dadi to confess her crimes?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan coming to Dadi. He says I know you are thinking that Savitri will snatch you from me. Dadi cries and says promise me, you won’t listen to her, I have seen my house breaking before, I can’t see it again. He says I promise, I will never believe her. He hugs Dadi. Ishqi looks on. Ahaan gets angry and says what does she think, she can go anytime and come anytime, I didn’t forget anything. Ishqi thinks I m in more pain seeing you like this, but the day you will know the truth, you will be much happy. Kartik says it has no sense, why she came back like a client, its a mystery. Ishqi thinks why is Kartik so smart, if he knows the truth, then Ahaan will also know the truth. Ahaan says she got 20 years late to come back, she didn’t care for us, now Sonu and I don’t need her. Sonu cries. Kartik hugs her.
He thinks I know you miss your mom, you love her, Ahaan can express his anger, you have to hide your love. He says we shall go and meet her. Ahaan says no one will talk to her, she is dead for us, Dadi cried for 20 years because of her, do you want her to cry more, that woman is a selfish gold digger, its better to be an orphan than having such a mum. He hugs Sonu. He says I will punish her if she comes back. Ishqi says but Ahaan, she is your… Ahaan says don’t take her name. Chachi says I wish Ahaan knew the truth, it was not Savitri’s mistake, her husband didn’t treat her well, she had to leave him and go. Chacha says it was not Ahaan and Sonu’s mistake, but they had to stay alone. She says Dadi should tell truth to Ahaan. Chacha says no, Dadi loves Veer a lot. Chachi says Savitri loves her children, but they hate her, is this right. Kartik comes and hears them. They worry seeing him.

Ishqi comes to Ahaan. She asks are you fine. He goes to the washroom. She says it will be just the truth, just few days more. Ahaan recalls his childhood. Dadi says your mom killed your dad, she left you both because of some other man. Ahaan cries. He stands under the shower. Ishqi cries hearing his cry. She sits outside the door.

Chacha and Chachi try to change topic. Kartik says you think I m an idiot, you will pretend that everything is normal and I will believe it, you were talking about Savitri, tell us if you are hiding anything, we deserve to know it. Chacha says there is nothing. Kartik says what shall I do if I have a brain, Savitri has come back to become part of Ahaan and Sonu’s lives. Chacha says Ahaan doesn’t want that, matter is over. They go. Kartik thinks what are they hiding. Savitri says I have hurt my children again, how are they. Ishqi says they are very sad, this had to happen. She encourages Savitri. Savitri says Dadi is dangerous, she will surely attack, take care of yourself. Dadi calls doctor and says you lied to me, Savitri is alive. Doctor asks how can this happen, she was declared dead, trust me. Dadi asks did I see her spirit. She ends call. She says Savitri was scared of me, she was staring at me today, this can’t happen, who is making her do this. She asks someone to find out how Savitri has come back, how did she get alive, who is using her as a puppet. She says I will not let Savitri come back in this house.

Its morning, Dadi thinks how did Savitri get saved. She says maybe everyone is in their rooms, I will go to mental asylum and find out. She goes to meet the doctor and staff. She asks how did Savitri get saved, you kidnapped her and took her, how did she get saved in that accident. Ishqi looks on shocked. She recalls seeing Dadi leave and following her. The man says we did as you said, doctor said she was dead. Dadi says she didn’t die, doctor lied or you lied to me, she is alive, someone saved her, but who, who is my new enemy. Ishqi recalls Savitri’s words. She says the day I saved Savitri, Dadi got her kidnapped, she would have murdered her, I m seeing gangster Dadi for the first time, who does this with grandchildren. Kartik and Sonu come to Ahaan and hug him.

Ahaan says sorry, I told you a lot in anger. Kartik jokes. He says we will handle it, we have Ishqi with us. Sonu says yes, no one can stay sad when she is here. Kartik jokes. Ahaan smiles. He asks where is Ishqi. Sonu says maybe she is downstairs. Ahaan says I vented my frustration on her, I will go and say sorry to her. Kartik says come, we will make their moment embarrassing.

Maasi says this can’t happen, no Saas can murder her bahu, Dadi loves the family. Savitri says no, she just loves herself and her family name, she kept me in mental asylum till now, its not a big thing for her to get me killed. Ishqi says Dadi is in shock, she is thinking how did Savitri get saved. Suraj says she would doubt me because I saved Savitri many times. Savitri says kids think I cheated their dad because of you. Ishqi says Ahaan thinks his Dadi is right, we have to make Dadi so weak that she tells the truth herself. Suraj says yes, I never knew where you disappeared, when you were in asylum, we are together now, we will bring out Dadi’s truth. Ahaan looks for Ishqi.

He greets Dadi. He asks did you see Ishqi. Dadi says I wanted tea, I m waiting for her. She taunts. Kartik says ask Bhola to make tea. Chachi gets her tea. Dadi asks where is Ishqi, why can’t she do her work. Chachi says she would have gone to her Maayka. Dadi argues. She says I think she goes here and there by taking Maasi’s name. Ahaan thinks where is Ishqi.

Episode ends.

Ishqi comes home. Dadi asks where did you go, you should have told your husband. Ishqi says I went out following you. Dadi worries.

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