Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th June 2021 Written Update: What will Rhea plan next?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Maasi hears about the incident and gets shocked. She says we should go to Singapore. Maasi says I am going to bring tea. Ishqi says come sit sir. Ahaan takes Ishqi by her hand and says are you really going? Ishqi says thank you for finding the job. Ahaan says good very good, you always wanted to fullfill your dream to do job and earn money that’s why you are leaving. Ishqi says everything left me 6 months ago, I know you are doing all this out of guilt. Ahaan says I am sorry. Ishqi says you rich people always blame and create scenes in public but say sorry in private. Ahaan says I am saying it’s my fault. Ishqi says now what will you tell others to whom you said don’t give jobs to Ishqi.

Ahaam says it’s not like that, I care for you. Ishqi says I think your purpose of life is just to hurt me and judge me, you think I am going there to earn money. Ahaan says then tell me why you are going ? Ishqi says yes I am going for money as I am not rich and we need money to survive. Ahaan says is only Maasi important in your life? Ishqi says people who doubt me I don’t consider my own. Ahaan says okay go. Ishqi says you are sending me so I need to go. Ahaan says you should have listened to my marriage announcement before you leave. Ahaan calls Mehta and says let’s have the announcement tonight. Ahaan says all the best, I hope you stay happy. Ishqi looks on. Both are hurt. Ahaan leaves.

Maasi comes and says where is Ahaan? Ishqi thinks we are going tomorrow but happiness is gone today. Ishqi says lets go and prepare to leave tomorrow. She takes Maasi. Here, Dadi gives family jewellery to Rhea. Everyone congratulates each other. The elders get emotional and happy. Dadi sees Ishqi whom the manager is instructing to arrange the dinner. Rhea comes and says she is our guest and not an employee anymore. Ishqi says I am leaving without notice, atleast this I can do. Rhea says okay but you will have to drink one drink with us. Rhea tells Ahaan how she is happy that I am getting you and Ishqi is happy that she is getting her dream job. Everyone cheese to their new journey. Ahaam cheers the glass so hard with Ishqi that it breaks and her hand starts bleeding. Kartik asks if she is okay, Ahaan goes running to get ice for Ishqi and puts it. Ishqi sees Rhea and takes her hand back.

Everyone else is shocked. Ishqi sits down and picks the glass pieces instead. Ahaam looks on. Rhea cares for Ahaan who leaves. Sonu goes to help Ishqi. Sarla says Sonu, Raj stops her and says let her do this much. Later, they all dance and celebrate while Ahaan and Ishqi can’t stop looking at each other. Dadi worries about Ishqi’s preaence.

Dadi comes to Mehta and asks when did the mauhrat came? Mehtas says in next 10 days, Dadi says let’s do it tomorrow. Dadi convinces them for tomorrow. Ishqi looks on. Ahaan feels shattered. Kartik tries to interrupt that what about rasams. Dadi says post wedding rituals will be done but marriage happen tomorrow. Sarla also agrees and taunts Ishqi’s presence. Dadi says everything is already delayed by 2 years. Chachi says in between but Dadi says Ahaan you agree to me right? Rhea looks on hopefully. Ahaan looks at Ishqi. Ishqi leaves. Ahaan looks on. Ahaan says yes I agree.

Ishqi feels shattered. She can’t stop thinking about Ahaan saying yes to his marriage. Everyone congratulates the couple. Kartik thinks Ahaan is not understanding the mistake he is doing. Kartik gets sad for Ishqi and Ahaan. Here, Ishqi remembers all the past incidents spent with Ahaan.

At night, Ishqi and Ahaan are unable to sleep. Ishqi thinks about Ahaan getting married. Ahaan thinks about Ishqi going away to Singapore. They both get veey anxious. They both think why are they affected by each other. They both decide not to think about the other but are unable to. They think if they are in love. They both fo for a walk and are surprised to see each other. They both miss looking at each other at the same time.

Ishqi walks off, Ahaan thinks please stop Ishqi. Ishqi thinks stop me once Ahaan I will stop. Ishqi is walking absent mindedly, when she falls into the pool. Ahaan runs and jumps into the pool to save Ishqi. They look at each other. They are very close when they are about to kiss when Ishqi says I would have come on my own, your slippers got ruined. Ahaan brings Ishqi out of the water. Ahaan says you could have just thanked me. Ishqi says thank you sir. Ahaan feels upset and leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap:Ahaan and Kartik run to the airport to atop Ishqi. Ahaan proposes to Ishqi.