Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th May 2021 Written Update : Dadi to catch Savitri?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 14th May 2021 Written Update On

Episode begins with Dadi telling Sarla that Sonu is here only sleeping. Sarla says okay and Kartik and Raj gets relieved. Here, Dadi says how Sonu is gold and unlike her mother who was a dark spot. Savitri cries inside the blanket. Dadi and Chachi leave. Savitri thinks that’s why my children don’t love me. Here, Ishqi asks Ahaan they really have history. Ahaan says chemistry. Ishqi says why are we not getting married. Ahaan says I don’t want you to say something that you will regret. Ishqi says I am very upfront about my feelings so I am confessing here also. Ahaan says but you were happy that we are not getting married. Ishqi says even you said that. Here, Mayank takes an unconscious Sonu. Hearing Sarla and Dadi meet,Mayank thinks to go to his room. Here, Savitri goes out of Sonu’s room and roams. Here, waiter thinks she is out of her room so he opens it for her. Savitri goes inside and hides. Mayank brings Sonu inside and Savitri fears to get caught.

Here, Ahaan gets Rhea’s call, Ishqi hugs him and asks him to hug back. So Ahaan and Ishqi hug. Kartik sees it and smiles from his balcony. Here, Ishqi and Ahaan are coming back but Sarla ans Ginni see her. Sarla starts taunting Ahaan and Ishqi. Ishqi goes to Sarla and hugs her and says please don’t judge me I am not from very high end family like you. Pleasse forgive me, you are very nice I know and you got such a nice bahu like Sonu so what’s the use of liking me. Ishqi asks Sarla to promise that don’t say anything to Sonu as she is very good, say whatever you don’t like to me. Ahaan feels happy seeing Ishqi’s concern for Sonu. Ishqi says let’s do mitti. Sarla says what is this drunk Ishqi saying. Ahaan tries to handle Ishqi. Rhea comes and sees Ishqi and Ahaan. Rhea sees their dresses wet.

Here, Mayank brings Sonu inside. Savitri feels something is not right here. Mayank tries to hold Sonu but she scratches Mayank. Savitri thinks how to save the girl as something wrong is happening. Mayank gets more angry and thinks to take revenge. Savitri tries to open the washroom door and shut it thinking Mayank will go. Mayank stops thinking someone is there but then continues. Savitri throws a flower vase. Mayank gets cautious. Mayank doesn’t find anyone. Mayank agajn tries to get close to Sonu. Savitri prays god to do something.

Rhea feels angry and upset. Rhea asks Sarla why is she upset, actually me and Ahaan were sitting near pool and we saw Ishqi so we got her. Rhea says I tried finding Mayank but he is no where near. Ishqi says Rhea the saviour, you should distribute sweets in temple. Everyone asks why? Ishqi says because to thank god that Sarla is not your mother in law. Ishqi tells Sarla that if she would have been her doctor then she would have advised her to eat sweets as she has deficiency for it. Ahaan says I will try to call Mayank. Mayank doesn’t pick up any of Ahaan’s call thinking it’s her last chance to take revenge. Savitri is not able to think what to do.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi says she doesn’t remember anything but when Ahaan catches her while she slips, Ishqi remembers everything. Here, Ishqi sees Sonu jumping off from terrace so she tries to stop her.