Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th July 2021 Written Update: Ishqi to face another challenge!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Savitri thinking how will Ahaan love me when he hates me. Ishqi says hate is there when love relation was there in past. Ishqi is praised for her thoughts. Savitri asks her to promise that she won’t let Dadi come in between her and Ahaan. Ishqi remembers about Dadi and goes. Here, Dadi creates a scene and says if she wanted to go to Maykaa then why she got married. Kartik jokes and Dadi scolds her. Ahaan is taunted saying see what girl you got. Ahaan defends Ishqi and says when she comes you can ask Ishqi yourself. Ishqi comes and thinks everyone is tensed, again Dadi must have created some scene.

Dadi taunts and asks Ishqi where she was. Ishqi is silent and then Dadi says I know you will back answer me like a mordern girl, past will repeat the past. Kartik tries to defend Ishqi. Dadi says atleast she should have told Ahaan. Ahaan says you told me I forgot to tell you all. Dadi says you are lying and then scolds Ahaan. Dadi says even your dad used to lie for your mother, don’t repeat it. Dadi again starts badmouth Savitri. Dadi says I won’t let past affect present. Ishqi says I went behind you only. Ishqi turns the thing and says I saw dadi go somewhere and no one was here so I went after Dadi to take care of her.

Dadi worries thinking if Ishqi saw her go to ashram. Ishqi says Dadi’s health is very critical so I got worried, I am sorry. Ishqi says my intentions were pure but when I went I couldn’t find Dadi, I didn’t want to trouble anyone, I was finding Dadi only, thank god she is okay. Chachi and Kartik praise Ishqi. Ishqi apologies to Ahaan for not able to take care of Dadi. Dadi thinks to end the topic here only. Dadi also says sorry. Ishqi says don’t say sorry to me like this. Dadi asks Chachi to take her to room.

Here, Sonu hears Sarla badmouth their family and Sonu. Raj says you did this, you could have hired Ahaan. Sarla badmouths Savitri and scolds Raj. Raj is upset and tries to stop Sarla’s drama. Raj asks Sarla to stop going in between Malhotras. Raj says if you don’t stop this then I will go with Sonu to another house. Sonu cries and apologies to Raj. Sonu says I didn’t know you take so much stand for me. Sonu says I never got a chance to become a good wife, but you are the best husband. They hug and reconcile.

Here, Ahaan is unable to sleep and waits for Ishqi to come and thanks her. Ishqi says I don’t want thank you or sorry, I just wanted you to be happy and tension free. They share a light moment. Ahaan smiles and still thinks about Savitri. Ishqi wishes for Ahaan to unite with Savitri. Ahaan says what are you thinking? Ishqi says I think guys can also cry and show emotions. Ahaan goes silent. Ishqi hugs Ahaan and calms him and says how it’s normal to feel emotional, I won’t judge you. Ishqi asks Ahaan to be frank with her. Ahaan says I am a person who can’t share his feeling but now I will try. They share romantic moments.

Next day, Ahaan gets his agreement paper where he signed lock in period. Dadi and everyone worries. Ahaan says for 6 months I have to work with her. Dadi thinks what does Savitri wants to do? Ahaan says I have to be a servant for her. Ishqi prays to god for setting things right. Ahaan says that woman can’t win. Kartik says send a letter saying you can’t do. Ishqi tries to emphasis the implication. Ahaan says I don’t care about the contract, she gives only frauds to people around her. Ahaan also taunts Savitri and how she left. Dadi thinks how Savitri got so much courage.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi thinks to hurt Savitri

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