Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th August 2021 Written Update: Ishqi gets drugged by Dadi!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Savitri coming home with Suraj. She shouts to Durga Devi/Dadi. Ahaan and everyone come. Ahaan asks why did you come here. She asks where is Ishqi. He says I don’t know, you came at a wrong place. She says the people who stay here are wrong. She asks Dadi where is Ishqi, tell me, what did you do of her. She says when your truth is close to come out, you make that person away. Dadi says you think before blaming me, what are you saying. She cries and asks Ahaan to see, Savitrti and Ishqi played the bad game, Ishqi has run away with money, you didn’t get your share, so you came here to find her, Ishqi ruined Ahaan’s life.

Savitri cries and says Ahaan, ask your heart, can Ishqi do this for money, she loves you a lot, she risked her marriage to make you meet your mum, why would she do this. Ahaan says Ishqi isn’t here, we don’t talk about her, please go from here. Savitri says give her a chance. He asks her to leave. Suraj takes Savitri with him. Ahaan asks Dadi to take rest. Kartik says you should find out where is Ishqi. Sonu says I know you are upset with Ishqi, don’t you want to know where is she, why she did this.

Riya says I have to talk to Ahaan, my lie will be caught, its better that I tell him the truth, he promised that he will take responsibility of my child. Radhika scolds her. Ahaan, Kartik and Sonu come to Maasi. Ahaan asks did Ishqi really take money from Dadi. Maasi says yes, money is everything for Ishqi, she called your Dadi in front of you and told her to give money, then she won’t go in conference. Kartik says this can’t happen, Ishqi loves Ahaan. Maasi says she doesn’t love Ahaan, but his money.

Maasi recalls Dadi threatening her about Ishqi’s life. Kartik says I thought Ishqi is perfect for Ahaan, was I really so wrong about her. Ahaan says we won’t talk about this now. Ishqi is at the mental asylum. Doctor says she got conscious soon, we have to increase the dose. Ishqi says Ahaan will not leave you. Doctor says your husband won’t come here, Durga Devi won’t take you out from here. He injects the drugs. She faints down. Doctor leaves. Ahaan sees Ishqi’s pic. He gets sad. He goes to Kartik and Sonu. They hug him. Kartik says I can’t believe Maasi. Sonu says yes, she can’t do this for money, she made sacrifices for our family, she can’t be this girl. Ahaan asks don’t we have anything else to talk. Kartik says we don’t want you and Ishqi to get separated. Ahaan says it would be good if this was some dream. He throws the wine bottle and goes. She thinks of Ishqi.

Ishqi sees a phone and tries to get it. Dadi is on the way. Suraj talks to Ahaan on call about work. Ishqi gets the phone. Suraj asks Ahaan to come to his office. Ahaan says fine, I will come. He gets Ishqi’s missed calls. Ahaan calls back. Dadi comes and takes the phone. Ishqi tries to scream. Dadi says we are offering credit card. He says not interested. Ahaan goes and meets Suraj. Suraj asks him to check the designs. He leaves. Ahaan looks for a pen. Some files fall down. Ahaan sees Savitri’s name on it. Savitri comes and takes the file. He thinks why is she overreacting. He says file was here. She says maybe by mistake. He asks can I get a pen. She says sure. Suraj says I liked your design, I will approve this. Ahaan thanks him. Suraj says you really think the world is a liar, just your Dadi is true. Ahaan asks what was this, why do you ask, stay out of this, its none of your business, before blaming Dadi, look at Savitri, its her mistake. Dadi says inject more medicines, she should be here as Savitri.

Episode ends.

Riya says I m pregnant, but this baby isn’t yours. Ahaan gets shocked. He gets the doctor’s call on Dadi’s phone. He answers. He goes to the hospita to ask about Ishqi.