Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th July 2021 Written Update: Will Ishqi be able to save Savitri from Dadi?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan saying I don’t care about that woman, maybe she feels that I am still gullible like a kid who wants her to return but I am not that person. Dadi thinks what is Savitri upto? Will she take Ahaan away from me? Ahaa says that woman will not come near to my house and I will protect this house. Ahaan is stopped by Ishqi and says you can’t go. Kartik says Ahaan is doing right. Ishqi says you are in anger Ahaan, you will invite more problems and already you have one case on you and don’t get another one. Ishqi insists Ahaan that let me come with you, don’t go alone. Dadi says Ishqi is right, I will go with you. Ishqi says but you aren’t well. Chacha ji says Dadi is wise and she should go. Ahaan says Dadi you don’t go alone, I am not fragile, I am going to teach Savitri a lesson. Ishqi feels everything is going wrong. Dadi goes to bring her bag.

Here, Mehtas are worried thinking Ahaan is backed by her mother. Rhea’s mother says you need to do something now, soon your baby bump will be seen. Rhea is tensed. Here, Ahaan is searching something and Ishqi goes behind him. Ahaan says don’t treat me like a kid. Ishq helps him find a folder. Ahaan promises Ishqi that he won’t create a scene. Ishqi thinks what can I do now?

Dadi takes a medicine and thinks to teach Savitri a nice lesson and she will never return. Dadi and Ahaan leave. Dadi says Ahaan that I can’t meet him at her home, call her some other place. Ahaan says okay. They leave. Ishqi looks on tensed.

Sarla is upset with Raj. raj says what are you doing? Sarla says I am going to kitty. Raj says so much is happening with Malhotras and you are goin to party? Sarla taunts and scolds Sonu. Here, Savitri worries that I can’t face Dadi, she has done so much and I am traumatized. Savitri cries. Ishqi calms her. Ishqi says once Sonu and Ahaan see the truth of you then they will love you like anything. She motivates Savitri. Savitri says I will do anything for my kids. Ishqi says we all are with you. Savitri still worries about Dadi. Ishqi says Dadi is upto something because it was her idea to meet somewhere outside. Ishqi says I will be with you on bluetooth. Sonu comes to Savitri but she misses seeing Ishqi and Maasi. They see hiding from far. Savitri showers love on her. Sonu says I have come to ask you why you came back? You are hurting my brother and Dadi. Savitri says I love you all. Sonu says you love me then give me something. Savitri says ask me anything. Sonu says go away from our lives. Savitri becomes emotional. Sonu cries but then goes. Savitri also cries. Ishqi calms Savitri.

Savitri meets Ahaan and Dadi with confidence. Ishqi guides her throughout. Dadi is upset and Ahaan is angry. Savitri orders for Ahaan and Dadi and says I will never forget your choices. Ahaan says I want to break the contract. Savitri says you signed the contract on your own will. Ishqi guides Savitri what to say. Savitri says you can give me five crores if you want to back out. Dad drugs black coffee of Savitri. Ishqi sees this and thinks what to do. Savitri drinks it and feels dizzy.

Episode ends.

Precap: Kartik and Sonu find out about Rhea’s pregnancy. Savitr falls ill and Ishqi brings her to hospital.

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