Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 Written Update: What will Ishqi’s answer be?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan stopping Ishqi. Ishqi says let me go or else the ticket will get cancelled. Ahaan says let jt get cancelled, I don’t want you to go away from me. Kartik watches emotionally. Ahaan goes down on one knee and says I have done so many mistakes with you and have always made you cry, but I want to be with you, I want to protect you and live my life with you. Ishqi says but you had your marriage. Ahaan says I couldn’t, I want to marry you. Ishqi also sits on her knees. Ishqi says what’s the guarantee that you will again not get manipulated and plan to ruin me? Ahaan says I will never do that again. Ishqi says but how can I believe it? Ahaan says look at my eyes and what do you see truth or lies?

Maasi comes searching for Ishqi. Kartik stops Maasi from going to Ishqi. Ahaam says remember how in the pool side when she was drunk they talked about their chemistry. Ishqi gets up and says I don’t know if you will always stay like this. Ahaan says I know because of my actions you find it difficult to trust me, so take your time but I won’t let you go away from me. Ahaan tears the ticket. Ahaan says stay with me. Ahaan and Ishqi hug.

Here, at resort, Dadi is devasted. Sarla adds to her anger by talking how Ahaan has put his family down. Rhea’s mom comes and asks Dadi why didn’t you say no from start only why you guys did drama. She raises question on Ahaan’s parvarish. Dadi thinks how Ishqi is the reason of all this.

Ishqi and Ahaan stand on a cliff. Ishqi says what about Rhea. Ahaan says if I would have married her then it would have been wrong as I love you. Ishqi says so now there are lot of difficulties left for IshqAn. Ahaan says Ishqan? Ohh you and me, you also learnt from Kartik? Ishqi says I have had thought of this on my own, this is a nice couple name. Ishqi says what about your family? Ahaan says if you can make me a person who is so egostic fall for you then my family will not be a big task. Ishqi says I want to work and earn a name and you won’t stay happy with a girl like me. Ahaan says even I don’t know what exactly I want or not but I know I want to be with you and always support you.

Here, Chachi gives tea to Dadi. Chachi says you know Ahaan never does anything just like that, he really thought about it and if he marries Rhea then he won’t be able to do justice to Rhea. Chachi says please consider and support Ahaan. Dadi says, I will never accept Ishqi, I will die but not let her be part of my family. Dadi goes. Chachi looks on.

Here, Ishqi and Ahaan sit and talk how they will conquer all challenges. They spend some close and romantic moments. Ishqi and Ahaan are about to kiss when Ahaan’s call comes from Dadi. Dadi says you did what you thought was right for you, I hope you stay happy, now I will do what I feel is right, just do come to give fire to my dead body. Ahaan and Ishqi worry. They get up.

Ahaan calls Kartik and asks him to search for Dadi as she called and said she wants to take her life. Here, Ishqi also calls Sonu and tells her same thing. Ahaan thinks if something happens to Dadi then I won’t be able to live, even I will die. Ishqi calms him.

Here, Rhea is angry and says I did everything and still it got ruined. Her mom says you only wanted handsome rich guy, but you couldn’t wait and went to your ex boyfriend to get pregnant. Rhea says I did so much, you only said that Ahaan always listens to him family but see what happened. Rhea’s mom says you should have created interest. Rhea says I have no patience to be the boring bahu this family wants.

Everyone searches for Dadi. Ishqi says you go to resort and I will search nearby. Here, Sarla asks Raj if Ahaan had something in his heart then Sonu must have known and if she knew then you must have known too. Sarla says you should have told me, I am also part of it. Raj says don’t create a scene please. Sonu comes and says Dadi has gone somewhere and she said she doesn’t want to live. Sonu cries. Raj consoles her. Sonu says thank you though you are upset from me still but still you are ready to help me. Raj says every couples have fights don’t worry.

Ginni asks what fight did they have? You also fight with your husband did I ever asked you? Sarla says how do I know what happened between Raj and Sonu. Sarla thinks to find the truth. Here, everyone tries to find Dadi but there is no clue. Ishqi thinks how will her relationship sustain as Ahaan might love her but Dadi hates her and Dadi has a great importance in Ahaan’s life.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi sees Dadi. Dadi is about to get hit by a truck.