Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th August 2021 Written Update: Chachi tells the truth to Ahaan!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 18th August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Savitri shouting and asking for Ishqi. Ahaan and Kartik see her. Dadi says Savitri here…. Kartik says Savitri has come to find Ishqi. Ahaan says we can’t trust anyone, I have a feeling that Ishqi is here. Dadi says stop Savitri outside. Savitri and Suraj ask the staff about Ishqi. Doctor says Ishqi isn’t here. She says I know you well and also Dadi, on whose saying you are cheating your profession. Suraj asks her to calm down. Dadi takes the injection. Doctor says wait here, I will cross check and come. Ahaan and Kartik stop the doctor. Dadi worries. Doctor asks who are you. Ahaan and Kartik remove the mask. Doctor says you aren’t permitted to go in. Ahaan gets in and sees Ishqi. He lifts Ishqi and takes her. Dadi hides.

She says thank God, they didn’t see me. Ahaan says nothing will happen to you. Savitri asks what happened to her. Ahaan sprinkles water and asks Ishqi to get up. Kartik scolds the staff. Ahaan slaps the doctor. He asks what did you do. He beats him. Kartik asks Ahaan to stop, police is coming. Dadi looks on. Ahaan asks on whose saying did you do this. Doctor says on her saying. Ahaan turns and sees Savitri. Doctor recalls Dadi saying my name shouldn’t come, go and tell them that you did this on Savitri’s saying. Suraj asks what nonsense, he is lying. Doctor says she gave me money. Police comes. Ahaan says arrest them, they tried to kidnap my wife. Suraj says you are making a big mistake. Savitri thinks I won’t explain you anything, you won’t believe me, I don’t want you to know the truth and hate your dad.

Suraj says Savitri didn’t do anything, this doctor is a liar. Ahaan asks Kartik to get the car. He takes Ishqi with him. Dadi says I got saved, if Ishqi gets conscious, then my game will end. Ahaan and Kartik get Ishqi treated. Dadi calls Ahaan and asks did Savitri make Ishqi reach the mental asylum, did Ishqi say anything. Ahaan says I will take Ishqi’s statement, she isn’t conscious now, I will not spare Savitri. Doctor says she is drugged, if she got another dose then she would have died, she will get conscious by tomorrow. Ahaan says really sorry Ishqi, it was my mistake, my misunderstanding, but you had to undergo all this, now I know why you were helping my mum, you tried to unite me and my mum, I misunderstood you, I m really mean, I trusted Dadi and she also broke my trust, Dadi is behind all this. Dadi says I didn’t know this will happen, Ahaan will know I m responsible for this. He recalls Dadi’s words. He recalls seeing Dadi hiding there. He says I thought you and mum are lying, but I got to know that Dadi was lying, I came to find you at the mental asylum knowing you were calling me again and again.

Kartik gets coffee. Kartik says so its Dadi. Dadi calls the hospital and asks did Ishqi get conscious. Doctor says sorry, patient’s husband asked me not to give the info to everyone. Ahaan says I will fix everything. Kartik says we will fix everything, tell me what to do. Ahaan says don’t leave Ishqi alone, I will come in some time. He goes to meet Maasi. He asks how did Ishqi reach the mental asylum, I know Dadi did this, but why. Maasi says Ishqi wanted to bring her truth out, I don’t know the entire truth. He thinks how to find out the entire truth. He goes to office and checks the file. He thinks mum wanted to file domestic violence case on dad. He comes home and asks Chachi about the case. She asks who told you. He shows the papers. She asks where did you get this. He says it doesn’t matter, tell me, is this case true, did dad use to beat mum. She says yes, he was addicted to alcohol, he used to torture Savitri, everyone knew it, I told mummy ji to do something, she used to say that we shouldn’t get in between. Ahaan says Dadi used to cover this. She says yes, to save family from defamation, she didn’t care for Savitri, sorry, I couldn’t save Savitri. She cries. He says if you knew anything, why didn’t you tell me anything.

She says I wanted to say, I told mummy ji that we will tell you everything, she said that the truth can’t change that Savitri left the family for someone else. Ahaan asks what’s the truth, did she leave us to avoid the torture or someone else. She says I don’t know. Chacha comes and asks why did you tell him. She says I was silent since 20 years. Ahaan says you said mum loved me and Sonu a lot, then this case. Chachi says she was filing the case for you both, your dad had raised hand on you one day, Savitri decided to divorce him and take the kids with her. Dadi calls Sarla and asks how is Sonu, she would be knowing that Savitri took Ishqi to mental asylum and tried to kill her, take care of Sonu. Sarla asks how will I protect her, Raj isn’t here, I will call Kartik here. Dadi says okay. Sarla calls Kartik and asks him to come home, Sonu is crying a lot, Raj isn’t home. Kartik says what shall I do, I will call Ahaan. He says look after the patient, Ahaan would be coming. Dadi says its a right chance to kill Ishqi.

Episode ends.

Dadi goes to kill Ishqi. Ahaan says Dadi…. what are you doing here. Dadi acts and asks will she get fine. He says yes, thanks, you care for her a lot. He hugs her.