Ishk Par Zor Nahin 19th July 2021 Written Update: Sonu and Kartik to spot Rhea in the hospital!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 19th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Savitri saying we didn’t cheat you, you need this contract, you are in problem, who will help you if your mom doesn’t help you. Dadi stops Ahaan. She thinks I thought she got courage because of Suraj, but she is arguing with me when he isn’t here. They get the coffee served. Ahaan says you lost the rights of my mum, I didn’t know that I m signing the contract with you. Savitri asks him to pay penalty and go. He says I won’t do business with you. Dadi throws some pill in Savitri’s coffee cup. Ishqi sees this. Dadi recalls taking the pills from the doctor to drug Savitri.

Ishqi worries and thinks Dadi is trying to drug Savitri. Ishqi’s phone falls down. She shouts on the waiter. Ahaan thinks Ishqi…. Savitri keeps the coffee cup. She asks Ahaan to decide what he will do. She drinks the coffee. Ishqi hides and looks on. Dadi thinks it will be fun now. Ishqi thinks all my hardwork will go waste. Sonu calls Kartik. He asks are you fine. She says I m not fine since mum came back. He says Riya has come to meet the doctor, I am following her. She says stay there, I am coming, don’t do anything stupid. He says come soon, I hope Riya doesn’t create a problem between Ahaan and Ishqi.

Ahaan says I won’t get trapped in your tricks. Dadi says she always runs after money. Savitri gets dizzy. She thinks I think she gave me those medicines again. Sarla and Ginni come there. Ishqi sees them. She pushes a waiter on them. Sarla falls on Ginni. Ahaan goes to help Sarla and Ginni. Sarla asks who did this. She scolds the waiter. Ginni asks did anyone note down the truck number, a truck fell over me. Sarla asks where is the truck. She shouts on the manager. Ginni asks manager how did a truck come inside the hotel.

Ishqi goes to Savitri and takes her. Kartik waits for Sonu. She comes and asks what cheap things are you doing. He says don’t talk like Ahaan, Rhea is creating a problem, I won’t let this happen, we are doing this for Ahaan and Ishqi, go and find out what happened to Riya. She says I can’t. He says do it for Ahaan, go. Riya leaves. Sonu goes to meet the doctor. Ahaan says I m sorry. Dadi says calm down Sarla, don’t get angry. Sarla asks what are you doing here, did you come to meet someone. Ahaan and Dadi see Savitri gone. Dadi asks where did she go. She thinks the drug will start the effect, where did she go. Ishqi asks Savitri to be strong. Ahaan asks how can she go. Sarla says Savitri is Ahaan’s mum.

Dadi says she will be outside. Ishqi calls Suraj and says Dadi has drugged Savitri, I am getting her, call a doctor quickly. Sarla says Savitri is Ahaan’s mum, right, you used to hate her, why did you come to meet her, are you taking money and ending the hatred. Dadi asks Ahaan to come. Sarla says don’t insult me. Ahaan says sorry. Sarla says you have to respect me always. Dadi says sorry. She goes out. Ishqi waits for the car.

Sonu complains of stomach ache. Doctor asks what did you eat, anything that reacted. Sonu says no, just home food. Doctor says I will give you medicines. Sonu says Rhea just left, she is a good friend, is she okay. Doctor says sorry, I can’t share any confidential info. Sonu says I understand, I just asked. She takes the prescription and leaves. Ishqi makes Savitri sit in a car. She pushes the car owner and says sorry, I will return the car later. She leaves. Dadi thinks Savitri can’t go on her own, who was here, who took her, Suraj isn’t here, someone is helping her.

Doctor treats Savitri. Maasi asks how did this happen. Ishqi says Dadi did this, she had shut Savitri in the hospital for 20 years and made her ill by giving drugs, Ahaan was there, but didn’t see Dadi’s deed. Maasi says Ahaan isn’t at fault, Dadi raised him, he trusts her. Ishqi says I will bring Dadi’s reality in front of him. Maasi says you want to help your Saas, but don’t make Sasural your enemy. Ishqi says I can’t see wrong happening. Maasi says don’t make Ahaan against you. Doctor says we have removed the drugs from her system, but still she has got affected, I have given her medicines now. He goes. Suraj says thank God Ishqi was there and got Savitri home in time.

Ahaan and Dadi come to Savitri’s house. Ahaan shouts come out. Suraj comes and asks him not to misbehave. Ishqi hides and looks on. Ahaan says I m not interested in talking to you. Suraj and Ahaan argue. Suraj says I didn’t wish to deal with a small businessman like you, Savitri asked me to give a chance to her son. Ahaan says I won’t go without taking to her. Suraj says you don’t know that rich people have no time to run on a call of a small businessman, Savitri told me how your family drama started there, she had much work, so she came back, start the work else pay the penalty, you cleared that you have no relation with Savitri. Dadi says Ahaan will never become a part of her family. Suraj asks are you always hyper. Ahaan gets angry. Suraj says I don’t have time to stay here and see your anger, do your job, or pay the penalty.

Episode ends.

Ishqi says I thought you want to break our marriage. Ahaan and Ishqi cry. Savitri says you think this will create a rift between Ahaan and Ishqi. Maasi worries. Ahaan says I have to think how to return the money. Ishqi says just do the job given by that company.

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