Ishk Par Zor Nahin 1st July 2021 Written Update: Will Ahaan trust Rhea?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 1st July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rhea telling Ahaan it’s your baby. Ahaan says nothing has ever happened between us then how? Rhea says we were together for two years and you are raising questions on my character, wow , I don’t need you, I will raise this baby alone. Rhea leaves and Ahaan looks on.

Here, Ishqi gives strength to Savitri by saying she will learn Dadi’s language and give her a good answer. Dadi asks Chachi to ask Ahaan to stay in the hospital. Chachi says I will stay, Ahaan has his first night today. Dadi says girls can’t stay out alone, Kartik offers but Dadi scolds him instead. Dadi thinks I will not let Ahaan and Ishqi be together. Kartik takes Sonu aside and says I feel Dadi is acting. Sonu says these things are done by Sarla not Dadi. Here, Ahaan thinks if what Rhea said was right. Ishqi thinks about Savitri and they meet in the hallway. Ishqi says let’s go to Dadi. Ahaan says I am sorry we have to spend the night here. Ishqi says Dadi is more important.

Ishqi and Ahaan come to Dadi holding hands. Dadi tries to keeo only Ahaan in hospital but be says they will both say together. Kartik gets happy that they will stay together. Ahaan and Ishqi sit outside on bench and Ahaan apologies to her. Ishqi says don’t say sorry, I am happy I am with you. Ahaan and Ishqi spend some romantic time. Ahaan and Ishqi then promise to each other that they will always be honest with each other and will solve each problem together. Ahaan remembers Rhea and says what if I did some mistake. Ishqi says then we will solve it together. Ishqi asks what if I do something you don’t like. Ahaan says I will understand your point of view. They side hug.

Next day, Dadi and everyone comes home. Chachi taunts Ahaan and Ishqi to take rest before the rasam. Ahaan thinks to find more about what Rhea said and says he has some work. He goes. Here, Rhea tells her mom soon Ahaan will come as he is in guilt. Rhea sees Ahaan come and starts acting with her mother like Rhea wants to keep the baby while her mom wants her to abort. Rhea pretends to see Ahaan and brings her inside. Ahaan is still angry. Rhea asks her mom go and she talks to Ahaan. Here, Sonu makes Ishqi ready. Ishqi asks Sonu if everything is alright between you and Raj. Sonu says perfect, just because of you, no bhabhi can do so much, you did something like a mother. Sonu gets emotional. Ishqi asks can I ask you something? Sonu says yes. Ishqi says why do you always get emotional when your mother’s name comes and why AVM gets angry? Sonu says she went leaving us after our dad died, she went with another guy and never contacted us. Sonu and Ishqi hug. Sonu asks Ishqi not to mention this to anyone. Ishqi says I will not.

Episode ends.

Precap: everyone searches for Ahaan. Ahaan comes there drunk and Rhea holds him. Ahaan hugs Ishqi. Everyone is shocked.