Ishk Par Zor Nahin 1st June 2021 Written Update: Ishqi to prove her innocence?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 1st June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi hinking I will reveal Mayank infront of all. Sonu comes and hugs Ishqi crying. Ishqi asks what happened? Sonu says I am going to tell everyone truth. Ishqi says if you go and tell everyone then everything will be ruined, Sarla will blame you and things will get difficult for you. Sonu says but you will get into trouble. Ishqi says Mayank is just acting don’t let it affect you. Here, in room Rhea tells Ahaan how can Ishqi do this who is so nice. Ahaan says she is worst, I should have warned Mayank. Rhea says you hate Ishqi? I thought you are friends, you were so nice to her. Ahaan says I was never a friend. Kartik says why were you nice to her? Ahaan says because she was marrying my best friend but she is a home wrecker. Kartik says you know Ishqi very well. Ahaan says I don’t, she is the worst girl. Ahaan says if she did right then she should have the courage to be here and tell the reason. Kartik says Mayank did suicide then why to call the police? Ahaan says it was attempt to murder for me. Ahaan says if she comes here and tells me a good enough reason then I will stop the police.

Here, Ishqi asks Sonu did your family know about Mayank and you? Sonu says no. Ishqi says I know Mayank is a person so bad that anyone can suffer. Ishqi gets a call from manager that the waiter she was looking for is here. Ishqi goes to talk to the waiter. Ishqi threatens the waiter and he confesses that Mayank told him to do so. Ishqi records rhe confession so that if the waiter vanishes then also she has evidence. Ishqi asks the waiter he needs to say this to everyone as because of him so many people are affected.

Here, Sonu’s bidaai happens. Ahaan says to Sonu how he is sorry to agree for two weddings to happen together. Sonu’s bidaai start and she is told tl throw rice backwards. Here, Ahaan and Ishqi meet by the pool side and Ishqi says I want to tell you the truth. Ishqi is about to call the waiter when Rhea brings police with her saying they were asking for Ishqi. Police says Ahaan has filled a police complaint against Ishqi. Ishqi says good you called the police as the culprit should be arrested but here the waiter is the culprit. Ishqi says this waiter spiked my drinks on Mayank’s saying. Ahaan goes to the waiter and aska him if Ishqi is saying the truth? Waiter says yes Mayank only asked me to do this. Seeing this, Mayank’s friends call Mayank saying his truth might come out. The waiter looks at Ishqi and says I had to say this only right? Ahaan and Ishqi are shocked. Mayank’s friends become happy seeing Mayank has already arranged everything. Ishqi says to Ahaan she is telling the truth. The manager comes and says ma’am I told you that our system failed. Ishqi says you only said na Mayank has not paid the party bill. Manager says he had paid, and shows rwcipt of that date and time. Ishqi says Mayank has given all of them money. Ahaan tells Ishqi let’s think you are right but then where was Mayank? Ishqi thinks of Sonu.

Ahaan asks Ishqi to tell truth then he will send police back and nothing will happen to you. Ishqi is silent thinking of Sonu so she goes to police for handcuffs. Here, Sonu prays to god in her thoughts for Ishqi and to give her strength. Savitri is seeing the bidai and remembers Ishqi’s word of being courageous. Savitri decides to get rice of Sonu in her pallu.

Here, police takes Ishqi and Ahaan looks at her emotionally. Ginni recorda all this and thinks to make it viral. Maasi sees Ishqi with police and begs them to leave Ishqi. She cries and requests them. They still take Ishqi. Here Savitri comes and takes the rice grains. Dadi sees her and is shocked. Dadi holds her. Others are in front so they don’t notice Savitri. Savitri says tell everyone about me then I will also tell the truth. Seeing Ahaan, Dadi thinks what to do?

Episode ends.

Precap: 6 months leap happen. Ishqi and Ahaan meet in the resort where Ishqi is working.