Ishk Par Zor Nahin 20th July 2021 Written Update: Ishqi shows her support to Ahaan

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 20th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan and Dadi leaving. Ishqi says Ahaan’s anger is pain, I m giving him pain, he doesn’t know that Dadi kept him away from his mum, I have to do this to expose Dadi’s truth. She cries. Suraj consoles her. He says you are the world’s best wife, the day Ahaan learns the truth, he will meet his wife, he will know you are so good. Ishqi says I m feeling bad for him. Ahaan comes home. He gets angry and cries. Dadi says Savitri isn’t breaking that clause, Suraj ruined Ahaan’s life, I got heartbroken. She cries. Ishqi looks on. Chacha consoles Dadi. Dadi says Ahaan is left alone, Savitri is so mean, what does she want, why is she doing this. Ishqi gets angry.

She goes to Ahaan and knocks the door. She says I don’t have a right on your money and house, but

I have a right on your sorrow, share your pain, please. Ahaan opens the door. He cries and says you would be regretting your decision of marrying me. She says no, I regret your thinking. He says I know you are regretting it, I thought to give you much happiness, husband and wife love each other, but I gave you problems and sorrow instead gifts. She asks him not to say anything more. He smiles and says I m sorry. She says sorry, you didn’t give me any sorrow, I thought you will break our marriage. He asks are you mad, I need you, when you are with me, everything will be fine, I will solve every problem. He cries.
She gets water for him. He says I m thinking how to return money to Savitri, I can’t tolerate anyone forcing me. She says do the work given by that company. He says I can’t. She says they will win if you lose courage, do you want them to win, show them that you aren’t the old Ahaan, you don’t need a mum, the day she understands this, she will leave from your life. She thinks or you will know the truth, you won’t let her go. He asks did you say something. She says no. He says okay, I will do what you are saying. She smiles. He thanks her. She jokes.

Ishqi sleeps. Ahaan looks at her and thinks I had no one to take support from, thanks Ishqi. He gets Riya’s message. She asks did dad trouble you much, don’t worry for me, I m okay. He thinks how to deal with this guilt, Ishqi’s concern starts and ends on me, this guilt is making me cheat you, I m lying to you. Its morning, Ishqi gets food and feeds Ahaan by her hands. Dadi looks on.

Ahaan gets a call. The man says there is a discrepancy, a big amount is transferred, we have sent the file, we want to make sure that your company isn’t doing anything illegal. Ahan checks the file. Chacha asks what happened. Ahaan says I have no idea about these payments, Suraj’s executive is saying right. He calls Mishra and asks what’s this place, what is this institution, why are payments made there. Ishqi thinks Dadi has to tell Ahaan now. Ahaan scolds Mishra. Dadi thinks I had kept Savitri there. Ishqi says Kartik, I think accountant is hiding some fraud, go and tell Ahaan to go there and find out, its Riya’s dad’s plan, we should do enquiry. He asks her to say. She says everyone will think I m speaking against Riya, Dadi still has a soft corner for Riya, go and help Ahaan. Kartik says Ahaan, we will go there and find the payment details, we will find the secrets. Ahaan says yes, Mishra is hiding something. Ishqi says you can go there and find out. Ahaan and Kartik leave. Dadi thinks how to stop Ahaan. She acts unwell. He says I will go to my room and take rest.

Ishqi thinks Dadi is playing some game, I will fail her every plan. Ahaan thinks I didn’t know about the money regularly doing, is Mehta doing this, maybe he is the one, I can’t even blame him, whatever I did with Riya. Kartik asks how is Riya, she looked ill, her doctor wasn’t saying anything. He asks Ahaan to watch out. Ahaan stops the car. Kartik asks why does Riya call you, are you okay. Ahaan says I am the reason for her stress. Kartik thinks there is some problem. Dadi calls the doctor. She says Ahaan shouldn’t know this. Ishqi gets a water bucket. She shouts Dadi. Dadi drops the phone in the water bucket.

Ishqi says your phone fell in water. Dadi scolds her. Ishqi says its hot water, your hand will burn. Dadi takes the phone. Ishqi says I got hot water for your foot pain. Dadi asks her to go. Ishqi says I will keep you busy here, Ahaan will reach there first. Ahaan gets angry and asks what fraud is going on here, call your senior. The doctor comes. Ahaan asks what’s happening here, my company account is transferring money to your hospital every month without my knowledge, how is this happening. Doctor denies. Kartik says let us check your accounts. Ahaan shows the papers. He says tell me, else I will call the police. Ishqi says Ahaan will feel bad if I don’t take care of you. Dadi says leave it, let me go. Ishqi thinks Ahaan will know that you were paying at the mental asylum.

Episode ends.

Dadi says I want to tell the truth to Ahaan, I give money to this hospital for a patient’s treatment. She calls Savitri and says I want to deal with you, you will get your children back, but on one condition.

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