Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st July 2021 Written Update: Ishqi feels defeated!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan asking about a transaction that is seen in her statement. The person makes Ahaan sit and he orders someone to bring out the file. Ahaan then gets to know these payments are done by Dadi. Dadi comes there and says I did the payment. Ishqi comes and says I was just concern for Dadi’s leg. The person tries to interrupt but Dadi says I will tell the reason. Ishqi thinks now again Dadi will lie. Dadi says I gave the money to this mental hospital because the patient was named as Mihir Malhotra. Dadi does emotional drama. Ishqi gets shocked. Dadi says I just wanted to make him alright, I wanted to make my son better, I made her understand about Savitri but he never got better so I gave donation as I don’t want any other person to suffer like my son. The manager thinks why is she lying. Ishqi wishes that manager says the truth. Here, Ahaan pacifies Dadi and takes her home. Ishqi stands disappointed.

Savitri comes to Sudha and says you are worried for Ishqi, that Ahaan and Ishqi’s relation will get a rift, this won’t happen, he loves her a lot. Maasi says he loves his Dadi more, Ishqi is hiding things because of me. Savitri says its because of me. Maasi says no, I know Ishqi does everything right, I m scared for her happiness. Savitri says Dadi won’t let her stay happy, Dadi’s truth has to come out. Maasi says if Dadi knows that Ishqi is behind this, then she will throw out Ishqi. Savitri asks her to believe Lord, everything will be fine. Dadi says promise me, you won’t tell anyone, not even Sonu. Ahaan says don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, come. Ahaan takes Dadi to her room. He says you are so selfless. She says this is called family, Ishqi left her maayka, I want to take much care of her, you all go out and come today, have fun. Ahaan smiles. Dadi says call Raj and Sonu also. He says you are the best, you think about the family. She says yes, who else will think. He goes. She thinks I will send Savitri away from you today. Ishqi thinks Dadi got saved, Ahaan scolded me there. She gets sad. Ahaan comes. He says Dadi wants us to go out for dinner. She thinks he is Dadi’s devotee. He thinks she is showing attitude.

She says I will come. She goes. He says she has much attitude. Kartik goes with them. Chachi says we are ready. Chacha says we don’t like to leave you like this. Dadi says take her to Maayka, she didn’t go since long. Chachi asks really. Dadi says yes. Chachi hugs her and says thanks. Kartik asks Ahaan and Ishqi to talk. Ishqi says my mood isn’t bad, I have no reason to get upset, I got a good husband and good Dadi saas. They reach. Ishqi thinks I will not say sorry, he should say sorry. Raj and Sonu meet Kartik. Kartik asks why do they fight. Raj jokes about Dadi. Kartik says Dadi just gets Ishqi scolded by Ahaan. He thinks poor Ishqi. Ishqi comes and says look at me also, I have also worn new clothes. Sonu says nothing. Ishqi jokes on Ahaan. Dadi calls Savitri. She says I don’t know how you came back, but I know why you came back, you came back to get your children, fine you will get them, we will have a deal, but on one condition, you have to come and meet me alone, don’t get scared, I will meet you at home, come home quickly, come alone, remember, don’t tell anyone. Savitri says fine, I m coming. Dadi calls the goons home. She says now you will come here and your game will end.

Episode ends.

Savitri comes to meet Dadi. She asks where is everyone. Dadi says outside. She catches Savitri. Maasi calls Ishqi. Ahaan and Ishqi have a romantic dance.

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