Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st June 2021 Written Update: Ahaan and Ishqi’s haldi to have lots of twists?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 21st June 2021 Written Updateon

Episode begins with Sonu and Kartik asking Ishqi to tell about Ahaan. Ishqi says he is good the way he is. Sonu says I hope you both stay together forever and happy. Ahaan comes. Kartik and Sonu tease Ahaan. Ahaan asks him to shut up. Kartik says Ishqi should know that the fire was on the both the sides, equally. Ahaan and Ishqi smile. Dadi says I lied, we will change the game.

Rhea smiles. She says Ahaan is with Ishqi. Dadi says Ahaan will get away from Ishqi now, he is indebted to me now, because I agreed for Ishqi and his relation, I became good in their eyes, Ishqi will not answer me, else she will need to answer Ahaan also, I will provoke her, she will misbehave with me, I will tell Ahaan that he chose a wrong girl. Rhea says I m with you.

Dadi says we will keep Ishqi and Ahaan’s mehendi tonight. Sarla asks how did you agree. Dadi asks Rhea can she see Ahaan with someone else. Rhea says I will be hurt, but I m happy as long as Ahaan is happy. She asks do you have any problem, let me a part of the happiness. Dadi praises her. Sarla says Ishqi will create a problem. Kartik asks how is this happening. Sonu says don’t doubt always, stay happy. Kartik thinks to find out what’s cooking.

Ahaan comes for his mehendi function. He smiles seeing Ishqi coming. They get seated. Raj, Sonu and Raj dance on gallan goodiyaan. Everyone dances. Maasi says I m very happy today. She hugs Ishqi. Dadi asks Sarla to enjoy the function. Sarla insults Ishqi. Dadi says you know that we have to accept our son’s wish. Sarla asks didn’t Ishqi’s uncle come today, who will do her kanyadaan. Dadi thinks Sarla will ignite the fire. Sarla says Ishqi is an orphan, but someone has to do her kanyadaan, someone has to take care of the customs, there are two persons from Ishqi’s side. Ishqi says I don’t need anyone except Maasi. Sarla says we are also not needed, so shall we leave, its not about need, but the customs, what will the world say that your uncle didn’t come. Ishqi sees Ahaan.

Ahaan says its better to not have such a person who doesn’t respect his family, its my decision to not invite him. Sarla says congrats, he went to the girl’s side from now. Dadi says she is right, a man has to do her kanyadaan, her uncle, her brother or her dad. Kartik says I will do her kanyadaan, I m her brother. Dadi asks him not to joke. Ahaan says Ishqi and Maasi will decide who will do her kanyadaan, Maasi is her mum and dad, so she will decide it. Sarla says Ishqi had run away from her marriage, if she runs again then.. Dadi gets happy.

Ahaan says I also ran from the marriage, if I run again, don’t tell Ishqi. Kartik says both of them are runners, they will catch up, don’t worry. Ahaan says apply mehendi to Ishqi. Ishqi gets her mehendi. Dadi thinks Ahaan is supporting Ishqi, what shall I do now. Ahaan goes to Ishqi. They have a romantic dance. Everyone claps.

Radhika scolds Rhea. She says that girl is sitting in your place and marrying Ahaan, you are being so calm. Rhea says its a drama, Dadi is with me, don’t worry. Radhika says Ahaan is mad for Ishqi, what will Dadi go. Rhea says I have a plan, Dadi won’t approve it. Radhika says Ahaan is guilty now, that he did wrong with you, use that guilt and marry him. Rhea says their love story will end now. Ahaan recalls Ishqi. He thinks to message her. He lies to sleep.

Ishqi comes at his window and knocks. He asks what are you doing here. He opens the window. She gets in. He asks did you climb and come. She says yes, I have come here because you won’t come. He says really, you came here for romance, then do. He pulls her close. She falls back. He holds her. They smile. She says you did a lot for me and Maasi. He says you did a lot for me, I can do that for Maasi, what happened. She says nothing, Mayank is still roaming free. He says I will find him and get him punished, don’t worry.

Episode ends.

Inspector says Ishqi filed a report of Mayank’s attacking her and molesting Sonu. Sarla asks did Mayank molest Sonu. Dadi scolds Ishqi.