Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Will Ishqi and Mayank get close?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi telling Maasi I don’t know where is Mayank and if hr has realised his mistake or not. Next day, they come to Mehendi ceremony. Ishqi and Maasi come, Suman says you are looking beautiful. Suman makes Ishqi sit. Ishqi is looking for Mayank. Maasi says there is Mayank, who is talking to someone else. Ishqi sees Ahaan and then she says Suman not to remove the Shagun ka kangan which Ahaan brought for her. Ishqi says Suman gave me this that’s why. Sonu comes downstairs and everyone praises the glow. Kartik comes to Ishqi and says have sweets baba ji contest winner. Ishqi thinks she needs to control her weight so she says no I don’t need sweet. Then she sees Sonu and comes to her. Ishqi says Sonu is the winner of best looking bride.

Everyone smiles. Ishqi whispers to Sonu that no need of saying sorry, all is well. They hug. Ahaan sees this and gets happy. The mehendi ritual starts. Raj makes Sonu drink juice. Sonu says don’t call me baby infront of all. They smile. Ishqi thinks I wish Mayank atleast come to me and make that bond, mehendi is today but still that bond is not created between us. Ahaan sees Sonu and gets emotional. Chachi says don’t cry. Ahaan says I can’t believe Sonu will go to sasural after few days. Kartik says even Ishqi will go and her maasi will be all alone. Ahaan tells chachi that your son is obsessed with Ishqi. Chachi says no he is not Sarla is. They all laugh.

Ahaan goes to drink water. Maasi comes and thanks Ahaan for the kangan of Ishqi, Suman and Ishqi told me. Ahaan says Ishqi told you? Maasi says yes, she is very thankful to you. Ahaan thinks so much has happened with Ishqi still she is so thoughtful. Ahaan watches Ishqi and Kartik says if you watch like this then she will catch nazar. Ahaan gives him look. He smiles.

Sarla says will the mehendi walis put mehendi to brides only? What about us. Sarla says the bride have such small hands then why so much time? Chachi says there are many mehendi walis. Sarla says I won’t put mehendi by main mehendi girl. Sarla says this Ishqi was my ex servant then why the main girl will put mehendi on her and not me. Sarla says what will everyone say that your own in laws have got bad mehendi. Kartik says this also happens? Dadi makes him quite. Ishqi says to mehendi girl to go and put mehendi on Sarla. She is about to go. Ahaan starts enacting that he won’t dance as he will dance only with Sarla. Kartik says Sarla I have heard that you dance like celebrities. Sarla says how do you know? Kartik says all kitty party news comes to him. Sarla says okay let’s dance. Ahaan says to the main girl to keep putting mehendi on Ishqi. Ishqi gets impressed. Dadi and chachi feel relived that Sarla is diverted.

Kartik, Ahaan, Sarla and her sister watch. Kartik takes Chachi but she says no no you go we will enjoy. Ahaan also comes and says done with dance. Ishqi says the boys can’t even dance for us. Ahaan says let’s do it. They all dance. Mayank comes and sees Raj and Sonu dance so he takes Ishqi to dance with him. Everyone joins in. Ishqi is about to fall but Ahaan catches her on time. They look at each other and get mesmirised. Ishqi’s heartbeat increases. Ishqi runs away and goes to put mehendi again. Ahaan goes back to dance. Ishqi tells herself to not look at Ahaan and specially with zoom. The mehendi girl asks Ishqi the name of groom, Ishqi says Ahaan. Ishqi thinks to remove Ahaan from mind and think about Mayank. The mehendi girl writes Ayaan’s name. Sarla comes there but misses to see the name. Ishqi says to Sarla to put mehendi as she is done. Sarla says put better mehendi than this to me as I am groom’s mother. Raj tries to divert Sarla saying come and see Sonu’s mehendi. Sarla says let me put mehendi first. Mayank sees Sonu. Suman brings Ishqi to room. Ishqi thinks what Suman is doing that should be done by Mayank but he is not here. Even Suman says where is Mayank. So Suman goes to bring Mayank. Ishqi says just by writing the name romance doesn’t happen, that person should be here too. Ishqi sees Ahaan’s name on her hand and gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi says she got hurt. Ishqi puts bandaid on the name part. Sarla says let’s see what has happened. She rips off the bandaid and shows everyone the name of Ahaan to everyone, shocking everyone.