Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Will Ahaan trust Ishqi?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan and Ishqi talking. Ahaan teases Ishqi on blushing when they talk about marriage. They laugh off and enjoy their time. In the moment, they are about to kiss. Just then, Kartik opens the door. He says sorry. Ahaan and Ishqi get awkward. Kartik turns around and says I have to practice to knock and come. Ishqi runs being shy. Kartik teases Ahaan.

Next day, Dadi is looking after all the arrangements. Sonu brings Ishqi to the haldi venue. Ahaan and Ishqi see each other and smile. Rhea comes and Ishqi says thank you. Rhea says it’s too soon to say thanks. Rhea says I mean enjoy your function. Just then, Police comes and asks about Ishqi. Rhea pretends like she doesn’t know and asks Sonu why has police come. Police says to Ishqi that your complain has veen registered about Mayank harrasing Sonu and blackmailing. Everyone is shocked. Police says when we will need statements you will have to come. Sarla says what is this? Mayank molested Sonu?

Raj is calming down Sarla and even Dadi tries but Sarla scolds Sonu. Sarla says now see what I do. She goes inside. Ishqi thinks will everyone misunderstand me? Rhea thinks now Ahaan will go away from Ishqi. Dadi thinks Rhea did wrong by bringing Sonu in between. Dadi takes Rhea inside and scolds her for bringing Sonu’s matter. Dadi gives warning that if Sonu’s marriage breaks then you will never be approved by me. Rhea says Ahaan will not let it happen. Rhea tries to tell Dadi to point all fingers on Ishqi. Dadi gives final warning to Rhea and goes.

Sarla is packing his luggage in the bag. Raj tries to reason things out but Sarla says you knew it? Sonu listens to Sarla’s anger and gets upset that no one told her. Sarla scolds Raj for being slave of wife. Sarla says Sonu is the biggest mistake, Sonu is second hand. Raj says mom don’t say like that. Sarla says shut up Sonu is a daag for our family. Sonu tries to apologies but Sarla pushes Sonu out of room. Ahaan comes and consoles him. Sonu says now Sarla will never accept me. Dadi comes worried. Rhea pretends to be concerned. Dadi says why did Ishqi fo this? Rhea says I am sure Ahaan must not have known it. Dadi says Ishqi is so stubborn how can she do this? Rhea says Ahaan will make it right. Ahaan thinks why will Ishqi do this. He asks about where is Ishqi. Sonu gets scared hearing Sarla scream at Raj.

Here, Ishqi tells Kartik I have not done this. Kartik says I know, but who? Is it Mayank? Ishqi says no Mayank is coward he can’t do this. Ishqi says I feel my and Ahaan’s relation was the real target. Kartik says you are right! But who can it be. They see Viren Mehta talking on call and think Viren did this. Kartik says let me handle this, you go to Ahaan. Ishqi comes and tells Sonu you know I won’t do this. Sonu nods. Dadi keeps blaming Ishqi. Ishqi says I didn’t make any complain I promise, Dadi says but police took your name, you don’t have a family so you don’t know it’s value. Ishqi is shocked. Here, Sarla slaps Raj and asks him to behave. Rhea smirks. Ishqi says do you really feel Dadi that I will ruin someone’s life for whom I sacrificed so much?

What will be my motive? Ahaan says Ishqi has no fault because she handled everything for 6 months because she had respect for us. Ahaan says she had no relation with us then but she bear everything, she went through so much and selflessly so I know Ishqi is not at fault. Chachi says but someone said right? Ahaan says we have long time to figure that out but we need to mend Sonu’s situation first. Dadi thinks Ishqi has done magic on Ahaan. Here, Sarla takes her suitcase and says Sonu can’t be part of our family. She goes. Everyone tries to stop her.

Sarla says you all lied a lot but today I break the relation. Ishqi comes and tells Sarla are you done? Sarla says what? Ishqi says drama. Sarla says you don’t know what has happened! Ishqi says how are you a victim. Ishqi says you are a morden mother in law right? You watch english movies? Sarla says yes. Ishqi says what’s the use of all this if you can’t treat Sonu as daughter really. Sarla says when thing comes about my son then nothing is right or wrong. Ishqi says you should blame Mayank and think to punish him not Sonu. Chachi says Ishqi is saying truth. Ahaan tries to calm Ishqi.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi see Ahaan and Ishqi argue about sometimes you need to say sorry to save relation. Next day, Dadi says how Ishqi has to do something to remove bad omen from her kundli before marriage but Ishqi says she won’t do it.

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