Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Mayank to make Ishqi’s life difficult?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode begins with Ishqi seeing Ahaan’s name in her mehendi and is shocked. Ishqi starts coughing and asks for water. Ahaan comes with water and straw. Ishqi says from where did your name came from? Ahaan gets confused. Ishqi says who did this? What will happen now? Ishqi says I don’t want anything from you. Ahaan forcefully makes Ishqi drink water and says to her why are you eating gulab jamun when you are diabetic? Ishqi thinks now a big drama will happen. Mayank comes and says Sonu is doing intermittent fasting and you are eating sugar, don’t you want to fit to the lehenga? Ishqi goes. Ahaan says I said for her sugar not weight, you shouldn’t have said that.

Mayank says then what should I have said, I am not going to console her going afyer her, she got angry on her own so she will get better on her own. Ishqi goes out and washes her hands in pool. She is surprised to see the colour of mehendi got so dark in just this much time. She is about to fall in the pool but Ahaan saves her and Ishqi tries to pull apart but Ahaan pulls her towards him and says why do you want to fall into the pool? Ishqi says how can you be everywhere. Ahaan says why are you behaving oddly? Ishqi panics and says anything. Ahaan says did you hurt your head then why are you here? Ahaan says your mehendi will get destroyed. Ishqi says let it. Ahaan says is this meltdown because of weight thing. Ishqi says I have more issues in life so can’t focus on that. She runs. Ahaan thinks how odd is this.

Everyone dances and Suman calls Ishqi. Ishqi thinks to put mehendi above the name. But among everyone she is unable to go. Ahaan searches for Ishqi. Mayank eyes on Sonu dancing. Sonu comes to show Ahaan her mehendi but Ahaan is finding Ishqi. Kartik and Sonu have fun. Ahaan goes to talk to Maasi. Sonu says I will hit you Kartik and Raj’s name will come into your cheeks. Raj brings photographer for Sonu. They have a photoshoot. Sarla says he never did thia for me. Mayank starts taunting Ishqi. Sonu says I am off sugar. Then Dadi ans everyone praise Sonu’s diet and taunts Ishqi’s diet. Ahaan thinks Ishqi is silent because everyone’s comment on her. Mayank sees Sonu’s mehendi and sees Raj’s name on it. Mayank steps on Ishqi’s foot and scolds Ishqi. Ishqi thinks to go home and find solution but meets Ahaan at door so she goes back inside. Ahaan gets confused.

Kartik says Raj has written Sonu’s name? Dadi and Sarla says these are not manly. Raj says I already did it. Suman asks Mayank to do it. Ishqi says it’s his wish if he wants to put or not. Photographer says now turn for next bride. Ishqi says take pictures of Sarla as she is mother of groom. Sarla says right! Sarla sees Bandaid in Ishqi’s hand. Sarla says what happened to your hand. Suman also asks her if it’s a big wound. Sarla thinks Ishqi stole her spotlight. Sarla pulls off her bandaid and shows everyone Ahaan’s name writtenm everyone is shocked.

Ahaan thinks that’s why she was behaving weird. Sarla starts taunting Ishqi saying you wrote someone else’s name. Kartik says it is a mistake. Sarla says we all have married none have this mistake then how it happened with Ishqi? Suman says Sarla only brought the mehendi walis. Dadi says but what’s Sarla’s fault? Suman says same way what’s Ishqi’s fault. Mehendi wali says Ishqi only took Ahaan’s name so she wrote. Kartik says we all know what relation of hate Ahaan and Ishqi share then how can Ishqi take this name. Chachi says this is true. Kartik signals Mehendi wali to lie. Mehendi wali apologies and says it’s my mistake the music was so loud I got confused and wrote. Suman says I knew it that Ishqi won’t do this. Sarla still taunts Ishqi.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi is consoled by Ahaan and Kartik that the name will go away. Ishqi says what if it doesn’t. Ishqi gets stuck in the lift and she calls Ahaan. Ahaan comes there and saves her. Rhea is also in the lift and goes hugs Ahaan.