Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd June 2021 Written Update: Ahaan and Ishqi to face another challenge!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 23rd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sarla getting very angry and going. Everyone goes. Rhea tells Ahaan how Ishqi did wrong. He goes. Here, police inspector tells Kartik that some girl came to file the complain. Kartik asks if they have CCTV. Police says he can see the footage tomorrow. Kartik thinks I hope it’s not too late tomorrow. Later, Rhea comes to a fuming Dadi with anger. Rhea says I told Raj that I can get him a house if he wants to leave his mom, Ishqi will be blamed, Ahaan will be hurt seeing a family breaking, Ishqi and Ahaan are getting apart, come and see.

Ishqi says thanks for trusting me. Ahaan says thanks for fighting with Sarla. She says sorry. He says one has to tolerate a lot to keep family united, we have to tolerate things, Raj and Sonu can have a big thing because of this matter, its not imp to be right in relations, but to do the right, Rhea also has common sense, we sit and talk, we can’t blame Sarla, Dadi can’t see Sonu’s marriage breaking, you think I will not take revenge on Mayank, I will not leave him, you are stubborn, you do what you want, why are you not arguing with me now. Ishqi catches his collar. She says if you say its your family, I will throw you into the pool, its our family, I won’t let wrong happen with Sonu. Dadi and Rhea look on. Ahaan stops Ishqi and says sorry. Dadi gets angry. She goes. Rhea also goes. Ahaan says thank you. Ishqi applies haldi to Ahaan. He applies it to her. They hug. Dadi argues with Riya.

She calls the pandit. Raj apologizes to Sonu. He says I promise to be like you expect me. She says thanks, but Sarla won’t accept me. Sarla comes. Raj says Sarla crossed limit today. Sarla apologizes. She asks Raj and Sonu not to leave the house. She hugs them. She recalls Ginni asking her to just act sweet and then teach a lesson to Sonu. Raj thanks Sarla. Ahaan thinks of Ishqi. He thinks to message her. Ishqi calls him and asks him to send whatever he is typing. He asks do you want to message. She says yes, I was waiting for your message. He says I didn’t do this before. She says like I have sent many messages. He says we will learn together, I used to forward romantic scenes, I want to sit with you and watch that, I want to experience love feelings with you. She sleeps and snores. Ahaan says good night. He disconnects.

Sonu ties kaleerein to Ishqi and wishes her. Ahaan smiles. Riya also comes to tie it. Dadi greets the pandit. Kartik asks what puja is there now. Dadi says I have to match kundlis. Chachi asks what’s the need. Dadi says so much is happening in their lives. Pandit checks the kundlis. Ishqi asks Sonu what is it. Sonu says its just a formality, Dadi believes in that. Pandit tells something. Dadi faints. Everyone cares for her. Dadi gets up and cries.

Ahaan asks what happened. Chachi says we will find some way. Sarla asks why is she crying. Ahaan asks Chachi what happened. Chachi says pandit is saying Ishqi has kundli dosh, if she marries you then you….. Dadi says I can’t lose you. Pandit says if the girl marries a tree, then this dosh will end, the groom’s life will not have any threat. Chachi asks will you do this. Ishqi says no, I won’t do it.

Ahaan says Dadi has agreed for the marriage, you respect her word. Ishqi says its not my mistake. Riya says our plan worked. Ishqi leaves a letter. Ahaan gets worried.

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