Ishk Par Zor Nahin 24th June 2021 Written Update: Will Ishqi agree to Dadi’s terms?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 24th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishqi being asked to marry a tree. Maasi days Ishqi will do this for the family. Ishqi says no I won’t, she leaves. Maasi goes to Ishqi, Ishqi says it’s insult for me, why should I marry a tree. Maasi says I know you don’t believe in these but Dadi does so you have to respect her thoughts too. Ahaan comes, Maasi leaves. Ishqi says I want to become Mrs. Ahaan Malhotra not Mrs. Tree.

Ahaan says I know but Dadi has this fear after losing Dad. Ishqi says I understand but how can marrying a tree is the solution? Ahaan says it’s for family, if I needed to do something to protect you, I would have. Ahaan says I have no objection with your thinking, its not your mistake, but there is kundli dosh. She says I didn’t write my kundli. He says Dadi has lost her son, when its about her grandchildren, she forgets the logic. Ishqi goes from there. Here, Dadi pretends that she doesn’t want Ahaan and Ishqi to get separated. Everyone calms her.

Later, Rhea and Dadi discuss how he played master plan. Then, Rhea comes to Ishqi. Rhea tells Ishqi how this time Ahaan is requesting something so big and it’s not logical. Ishqi says exactly, see Maasi, Rhea is more sanskari than me even she feels so. Rhea says you have also sacrificed your goals, the singapore company is ready to give double salary to you. Ishqi says that’s not important. Rhea goes.

Here, Kartik tells Ahaan how can he ask Ishqi to agree to Dadi. Ahaan says both Kartik says talk to Dadi and explain her, what will you tell Ishqi if Dadi tells some weird things again, will you always convince her. Ahaan says I m not doing this for myself, but family. Kartik asks would you agree to marry a goat, its insulting. Riya says plan worked, brilliant. Dadi says because you didn’t plan this, you know what to do now. Riya says yes and goes.

Ishqi says its insulting for me. Maasi says yes, but he is agreeing to Dadi. Riya comes and supports Ishqi. Ishqi says even Riya isn’t okay with this. Maasi says you have to listen to Dadi. Riya says Ishqi left the job offer for Ahaan, its about the sacrifice. Ahaan recalls Ishqi’s words. Dadi comes and says I have thought a lot, if Ishqi didn’t agree, then its okay, you listen to Ishqi, she doesn’t believe this, I believe this but I will give up on this for your sake. She cries. He says I will talk to Ishqi once and come. She thinks Ahaan will break this marriage. Ahaan asks Maasi where is Ishqi. Maasi says she is in the quarters, she said she wants to stay alone for sometime. He goes and knocks the door. He says I know you are upset, we have faced many problems together and will face this also. He gets in. He looks for her. He gets Ishqi’s letter… I m sorry, I can’t do this, I m leaving, I can’t get insulted by your family. He gets shocked. He comes out. Maasi reads the letter. Everyone reads the letter. Ahaan thinks Ishqi left me, she chose her stubbornness over love.

Ishqi is kidnapped. Sarla says Ishqi is a black cat who just makes bad omen, she has a habit to run away from mandap, Mayank was a wrong guy, why did she leave Ahaan, he is a gem. Dadi says he just truly loved her, I made a mistake, I will fix it, call Ishqi, I will apologize to her, I will tell her that she doesn’t need to marry any tree, I will beg her, I can’t see you crying. Ahaan hugs her. Kartik calls the inspector to get the footage. Inspector says sorry, I will send it soon. Kartik says something is wrong, Ishqi is missing now. Sonu says tell everything to Ahaan, they can’t get separated by any misunderstanding.

Ishqi gets conscious. She shouts for help. She asks who tied me up here, who got me here. She recalls someone fainting her down. She says Ahaan will know I m missing, he always saves me, he will save me. Ahaan thinks of Ishqi. Riya comes and says so sorry, you were in love, its not your mistake, I also went through the same, Ishqi doesn’t deserve you, I don’t think you should marry her, you value your family, but it isn’t her priority. He thinks Ishqi you left me in the first test itself.

Episode ends.

Ahaan asks Riya to marry her. Ishqi cuts the ropes and says I m coming. She runs to the resort. Ahaan and Riya go to the mandap.

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