Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th June 2021 Written Update: Ishqi escapes untying herself

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 25th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishqi blaming her fate for always spoiling her happiness. She believes that Ahaan will come and save her for sure. Dadi sees Ahaan passing by and pretends like pleading Ishqi’s Maami to bring back Ishqi. She even acts like falling on her feet but Shaan stops her. Dadi praises her own smartness. Raj calls Sonu and says that Ishqi didn’t board on any flight to Singapore. Sonu understands that Ishqi is on a big problem and asks Raj to do something.

 Sarla asks Rhea’s father to speak with Ahaan’s family as now the bride has run away. He says that Ahaan already rejected Rhea and now how can he speak with him. Rhea acts good in front of them. Sarla starts the topic with Ahaan and Dadi. Rhea’s father convinces Ahaan to forget Ishqi as she don’t deserve Ahaan. He asks him to choose wisely and he’ll wait for his answer. Dadi too asks Ahaan to think about it. Ahaan thinks of his moments with Ishqi. He gets a call.

Next day, Ahaan comes dressed as a groom. He says he’s ready to marry Rhea. Everyone gets happy hearing it. Rhea too comes dressed as a bride. Ishqi unties herself using a metal and escapes the place and runs on road. Ahaan and Rhea were about to enter the alter when Karthik comes there with police. He says that he found out that its not Ishqi who complained against Mayank but Radhika. He says he checked cctv footage and it was Radhika who forged as Ishqi and lodged the complaint.

 Ahaan recalls Karthik calling him and saying the same yesterday. He says they always doubted why would Ishqi lodge complaint against Mayank. He holds Mr. Mehta by collar and asks Where’s Ishqi. They suddenly hear Ishqi voice.

Everyone turns to find Ishqi in a terrible state. She’s about to faint when Ahaan rushes to her and holds her. Dadi wonders how did she escape. Ahaan asks what happened. Dadi in order to escape asks him to take Ishqi inside but Ahaan says he needs to know the truth. He asks Ishqi to say the truth. Ishqi says about her kidnap. Ahaan looks accusing at Mehtas. Sarla supports Mehta but Karthik shuts her.

 Rhea asks him to not accuse everything on her family. She agrees that they were involved in the kidnap but their family member has also joined hands with them. He asks who and Rhea asks Dadi to say something. Everyone gets shocked while Dadi panics. She accuses Dadi for trying to stop Ishqi’s marriage with and also lying about horoscope bribing Pandit. Ahaan refuses to believe when Karthik calls Pandit. He agrees that he took money to lie. Ahaan asks who bribed him. Dadi looks scared.

Precap : Ahaan and Ishqi gets married. Ishqi gets a call and rush to hospital. Ahaan searches for Ishqi.

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