Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th April 2021 Written Update: Rhea comes into Ahaan’s life!

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th April 2021 Written Updateon

Episode begins with Sarla saying whose name is written in mehendi they become together. Raj stops Sarla. Sarla says this girl is always creating scene then why are you telling me? Ishqi goes out. Ishqi thinks why this happened. Ahaan and Kartik come to Ishqi. Ahaan says don’t think so much the name will go. Ishqi says what if it doesn’t, what if it’s stubborn like you? Ahaan says in your kismat Mayank is written so don’t worry. Ahaan says I was wrong about you, you do job but for you family comes first, you also have family values and you understand that marriage is not about being filmy but about taking responsibilities. Kartik listens to all this and smiles. Ahaan goes. Ishqi murmurs why she wrote his name. Kartik goes to her and says sometimes what’s in heart comes out. He goes. Kartik tells Ahaan remember on engagement night how he made a list and today he himself told Ishqi she is qualified for all his points. Ahaan gets surprised.

At night, Ishqi is confused and is not able to understand why she did that and she blames her stupid list. Here, Ahaan thinks about Ishqi and why did this happen as Ishqi was so worried with my name on hers and she hates him. Ahaan thinks to call Ishqi but then stops. Dadi comes to Ahaan asks him to stop all this. Dadi bad mouths Ishqi and says she is trying to trap you in her fake love. Ahaan says there is nothing going on between me and Ishqi and Ishqi is not a person like that. Dadi says how do you know? Ahaan says I trust Mayank’s choice that’s the reason. Ahaan says I have a girlfriend, remember Rhea, I am calling her to the wedding. Dadi gets happy. Kartik comes and Dadi tells him not to tease Ahaan and pair him with Ishqi, if you want to tease then tease Ahaan with Rhea. Kartik says sure if that’s what Ahaan wants.

Here, Maasi tells Ishqi that she is sure she has catched nazar and so she makes home remedy coal smoke to make the nazar go. Here, Mayank seems disinterested in the preparations, Suman tries to explain to Mayank. Ahaan comes to Mayank and he also explains him to forgive Ishqi and it was not her fault. They make Mayank go to Ishqi’s house. Mayank reaches the house. Inside the house, Maasi and Ishqi cough due to smoke and Ishqi takes the coal to throw outside and by mistake throws on Mayank. Mayank gets angry. Maasi brings him in and says this Ishqi by mistake did this please forgive her and you both talk I am going inside. To Ishqi’s surprise, Mayank apologizes to Ishqi for behaving differently with her. Ishqi says it’s okay lets start a new beginning and I have called the mehendi didi she will rectify the name. They smile and Mayank leaves. Ishqi thinks it’s all her fault that she gave up on Mayank due to a small thing she should have been mature.

Next day, everyone in Malhotra house is preparing for sangeet. Sonu’s friend says this playlist has all the old songs. Dadi says these are selected by Sarla. Kartik suggests to make steps difficult then Sarla will be dumbstruck. Nisha says if I ever break up I will come to you only. Everyone laughs. Sonu is happy to see Nisha. Mayank and Suman arrive. Nisha says as Ishqi and Raj are not here yet Sonu and Mayank can practice together. Seeing the step they decide to wait for their partners. Ahaan is looking at the door. Kartik says she will come. Ahaan says I am not waiting for Ishqi. Kartik says I told about Rhea, why are you calling Rhea and complicating things for you. Ahaan says Rhea will help sort things.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ahaan gets Ishqi’s call to save her as she is stuck in lift. Ahaan saves her and sees Rhea in the same lift who goes and hugs Ahaan. Ishqi is shocked.