Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th May 2021 Written Update: Will Ahaan really announce his marriage with Rhea?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi thinking I have successfully created the scenario in Ahaan’s mind now. Savitri was listening to it all and thinks her kids are thinking she left them for money, Dadi has made thwm filled with poison towards me. Savitri thinks to go back as she will not be able to face Dadi. She remembers how in past Dadi started her treatment to make her ill. Savitri cries. Here, Ishqi comes to her room to find Maasi and Suman. Maasi says Ishqi is so busy that now she must be feeling weak. Ishqi says I went to meet Sonu. Suman says there are many people to see Sonu, today be ready better than Sarla’s bahu.

Maasi says if didi was alive, she would have said the same thing. Ishqi says I don’t know if that will happen or not but I promise you that I will never let you down. Suman says it means a lot. Suman gives a new jewellery set to Ishqi. Suman says if Mayank ever troubles you, then let me know. Ishqi says it’s all because of Maasi’s prayers, I got such a good house, a mother in law like you and a partner like Mayank. Ishqi thinks she is getting married now to Mayank and she should stop thinking about Ahaan.

Here, Ahaan and Mayank are together all ready for wedding. Rhea comes. Rhea asks them to click a pic together. Ahaan notices Mayank is sad. Mayank thinks about whether his phone having the image has got repaired or not. Ahaan asks Mayank to smile. Ahaan asks him what happened? Mayank says I wanted to talk to Ishqi. Rhea says before marriage you guys won’t be able to talk but I can give your message to her. Ahaan thinks has Ishqi said to Mayank about she liking me? Ahaan says I am going to check on Sonu, you take Mayank’s message. Rhea asks Mayank what is his message. Mayank thinks to get rid of Rhea so that he can ask his friend about his phone.

Here, Ahaan sees Ishqi all ready. Ahaan says Mayank wanted to talk to you. Ishqi says I will talk. Ahaan says I would say that don’t talk before marriage as it us considered inauspicious, I don’t want anything wrong happens between you two. Ishqi says I know what you want. Ahaan says nice. Rhea comes and says not just nice but gorgeous.

Rhea says atleast you got a compliment from Ahaan and I didn’t get any. Ahaan says I was saving gorgeous for you. Rhea says aww thank you. Rhea hints Ahaan to tell Ishqi about the news. Ahaan says we will announce it after. Ishqi says what is the news? Rhea says Ahaan and I have decided to announce our marriage after yours. Ishqi says congratulations. Ishqi remembers moments with Ahaan. Ahaan leaves saying I need to see Sonu.

Here, Kartik comes to Sonu and says I am so happy finally Sonu won’t trouble me and I will get my space. Then he cries. Ahaan comes and says if you start crying now then what will you do in Bidaai but then he also cries. Everyone cries and hugs each other. Rhea clicks thier pics and smiles. Chacha ji says let’s go the baratis are here. Here, Mayank gets his other phone back, he is happy. Mayank tells his other friend to project these pics in big screen when I ask you to. His friend says okay. Later, Ishqi comes to Sonu and asks if she got any new message? Sonu says no. Sonu says maybe he got scared. Ishqi thinks a person who has planned so well will never get scared but for calming Sonu she says yes he must have been scared.

Sonu asks Ishqi to check her phone, if she missed the blackmailer’s msgs. Ishqi is seeing the messages and she clicks on a message named as Mayank. She reads Mayank’s message which reads he understands why she doesn’t want to tell Raj as he knows Sonu well since they were in relationship. Ishqi gets shocked reading this. She goea to Sonu and says I wanted to talk to you about Mayank. Sonu gets worried. Just then Ahaan and Kartik come to take Sonu as Raj has arrived.

Here, the Jaymala happens. Ishqi thinks about who all must be knowing about Sonu and Mayank being together and why didn’t Mayank told her. Here, Raj and Sonu hug after jaymala. Suman tells Sarla how beautiful her bahu Ishqi is looking. Sarla ignores it. Ahaan is bringing Sonu to mandap and thinks about Ishqi being someone else and then pacifies himself that Rhea is right for him. Here, Ishqi thinks Mayank hid such a big thing from her then he is not a right guy, what more would he be hiding? Rhea tells Ishqi how Ahaan never lies and if he complimented you then you are looking very pretty. Ishqi thinks Ahaan says truth then I must have confessed my feelings for Ahaan that night, then why am I marrying Mayank?

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi breaks her marriage and reveals about Mayank doing wrong to Sonu. Everyone is shocked.