Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th June 2021 Written Update: Will Dadi’s truth come out?

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahaan asking pandit ji that who asked you to lie? Pandit ji says Rhea’s mom and dad told me to lie. Rhea is shocked, and thinks how can this happen. Dadi smirks. Rhea thinks Dadi is so over smart. Ahaan scolds Rhea for blaming Dadi wrongly. Rhea says your Dadi is evil. Kartik says Dadi is smart not evil, and you are the one on CCTV camera. Rhea’s mom says we did the plan but Dadi is the master mind. Ahaan asks them to stop blaming Dadi. He asks the police to arrest the family. Chachi says let’s not do that as today is auspicious day. Ahaan says I should have never talked to this family and Rhea. Rhea tries to manipulate but Ahaan shuts her up. Dadi says I considered Rhea my bahu and you did this

Ahaan goes to Ishqi and says I will marry Ishqi and no one can stop me. Ishqi is lying on bed. Chachi, Maasi and Sonu come there and cheers Ishqi up. They make Ishqi ready for shaadi. Ishqi thinks why did Ahaan felt I will leave him. Ishqi gets ready and gets compliment from everyone. Maasi says Ahaan always trusts him no matter what. Ishqi says Ahaan didn’t come to save me today. Maasi says all’s well that ends well.

Ishqi comes to mandap where Ahaan watches her adoringly. Ishqi is unable to stop thinking that Ahaan doesn’t believe him. Ishqi thinks Ahaan is just showing sympathy towards her. Ishqi thinks of all the past events. Ishqi sits on mandap. Dadi looks on sadly.

The marriage starts and they do everything that Pandit ji asks them to. Ahaan says I know I haven’t trusted you in many events but I will rectify it. Ishqi thinks he understands me but then also thinks how he blindly trusts Dadi but for me Ahaan needs proves.

Pandit ji asks who will do Kanyadaan? Ishqi thinks again a drama will be created because of me. Ahaan says Ishqi’s Maasi will do it. Sarla objects it saying it should be done by a male member. Ahaan says how Maasi did so many sacrifices raising Ishqi. Then they take pheras. Dadi is angry. Pheras are completed. Pandit ji asks for sindoor daan. Then he, announces them as husband and wife. They both smile at each other. They take blessings from all the elders. Dadi shows fake concerns towards Ishqi. Everyone else is very happy and gives them love and blessing. While Sarla says take my blessings too. She blesses the couple too. Kartik says finally celebration time. Sonu and Kartik joke and the celebration begins. Everyone leaves.

Seeing Ishqi in deep thoughts, Ahaan says what happened? Ishqi says can I ask something? Ahaan says yes ask. Ishqi says you will tell truth? Ahaan says it has been just 5 mins of our wedding, I won’t start lying so soon. Ishqi asks why didn’t you come to save me? Ahaan says It was not like that. Ishqi says what does that mean. Just then, Kartik comes and asks them to join the celebration. Kartik takes Ishqi aside. Kartik says I wanted to do your kanyadaan out of care but then Ahaan suggested Maasi. Kartik says what ha happened you can share with me. Ishqi says I know Ahaan loves ne but why didn’t he come to save me? Here, Ahaan comes to Dadi sitting alone, Ahaan thanks Dadi for accepting Ishqi. Dadi says you are happy? Ahaan says from today another battle will start when I have to choose between you and Ishqi everyday. Here, Kartik says I will always select you above Bhai and Ahaan cares for you, the situation was complicated. Ishqi thinks Ahaan does not trust me.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ishqi goes to Savitri as she gains consciousness and calls Ahaan.

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